05/13/90 - Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln, NE, US


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Source Format Quality Complete Length Equipment Lowest Gen
SBD #1a SBD 9.0 Yes 57 Soundboard > Tascam 4-Track Portastudio ANA(1)>FLAC
SBD #1b SBD 9.0 No 50 Soundboard > Tascam 4-Track Portastudio Stiff Drinks CD>FLAC
Notes for SBD #1a: In March 2011 a fresh transfer of the 1st generation tape was circulated, replacing the older overdriven ANA(1)>CDR(1)>FLAC transfer. Lower quality than SBD #1b but more complete. This source is available in incomplete form, on a number of commercial bootlegs. It has been reported that the master of this show has been stolen.
Notes for SBD #1b: Same source as SBD #1a. Higher quality than SBD #1a, but is missing 'Blew'. Available on a number of bootlegs (all of which are missing 'Blew'), the best of which is 'Stiff Drinks'; see Live Nirvana's Bootography Guide To Nirvana Bootlegs for more information on commercial releases of this show. | all documents, unless otherwise noted, © 2004 | Contact webmaster