NIRVANA guitarist, Jason Everman, talks to Alex Roberts about his guitar rig—Exclusive!

Warmoth Stratocaster
1985 Warmoth Strat body with a 1980 Fender Lead II neck. Bridge pickup was a SH-1B.
Fender Telecaster
1974 Fender Telecaster with a Seymour Duncan SH-1B pickup bridge, Gibson PAF (covered) neck. I made a pickguard out of a Venom At War With Satan LP. I love that album, but also tongue firmly in cheek.
Gibson Les Paul Studio
1977 Gibson Les Paul Studio with a Univox humbucker in the bridge position. Kurt gave me this pickup, kind of his passive-aggressive way to make my guitar sound more like his. I tested the pickup, and it's actually as hot as a Gibson PAF, so it was more an aesthetic move than anything.
Boss DS-1
DoD FX-17
Morley Fader
This would fade between the Marshall and the Fender, blending the two sometimes, rather than the binary A/B box.
Marshall JCM 800 Lead Series head + Marshall 4×12 speaker cab
For heavy/distorted sound.
Fender Super Twin Reverb
For clean sound.
Jason's Strat, photo by Charles Peterson
Jason's Les Paul Studio, photo courtesy of Jason Everman
Jason's Telecaster, photo courtesy of Jason Everman

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