First Live Show

No Label (HPR 070387)
KAOS Olympia Community Radio - Olympia, WA United States 04-17-87
17 Nussbaum Road (house party) - Raymond, WA United States 03-??-87
Total CD Time 75:31 / 18 Tracks
Matrix: HPR 070387
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1) Downer (Soundcheck) 5:50
2) Aero Zeppelin 6:17
3) If You Must 8:37
4) Heartbreaker (Jam) 3:00
5) How Many More Times (Jam) 1:46
6) Mexican Seafood 2:57
7) Pen Cap Chew 5:38
8) Spank Thru 6:02
9) Hairspray Queen 5:55
10) Love Buzz 4:03
11) Floyd The Barber 2:34
12) Downer 2:26
13) Pre-Mexican Seafood noise 0:14
14) Mexican Seafood 2:11
15) White Lace And Strange 2:06
16) Spank Thru
17) Hairspray Queen 4:55
18) Pen Cap Chew 4:31
First Live Show

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  97%
Average Reader Rating: 70%
Reader Reviews

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This is the kind of disc that makes people collect bootlegs. The sound quality is not for everyone, but if you appreciate an incredibly rare and early performance, First Live Show is a "must have" CD. At the time of this writing, this is the ONLY commercially available title with this show. Until the 7th is confirmed as the day of this performance for the Nirvana Live Guide, the Nirvana Bootography will continue to list the day of this show as "??."

The performance that is listed as March 7th, 1987 is mentioned in the Charles Cross Kurt Cobain biography "Heavier Then Heaven". Mr. Cross does a good job describing the events before, during, and after the show and transcribes some of the banter that can be heard as the band runs through nine of Nirvana's earliest songs. The show takes place at a house party in Raymond Washington. Throughout the performance you can hear partygoers and the band chat back and forth. The band receives little to no applause. They are surprisingly tight (Aaron Burkhardt is on drums) and it's easy to tell the band had spent some time rehearsing.

As Mr. Cross notes in the book, it's simply amazing that a tape like this exists. The sound is as good or better than anyone could expect. Interestingly, Kris Sproul of the Nirvana Live Guide was able to confirm that this CD was taken from the remaster he circulated - he made an edit after the soundcheck that is present in the commercial title. You won't find a document like this for many bands, this is something very special.

The second half this disc comes from the KAOS demos that were performed approximately one month later. These demos are also available on Outcesticide V.

A few points were subtracted because the tracklisting is off ( 14 seconds of guitar noise is a track unto itself) and Spank Thru and Anorexorcist share a track. The KAOS demos are also listed as being part of the "Boy Meets Girl" radio show, which is incorrect. There is also some slight editing between the KAOS tracks. If you enjoy listening to bootlegs, this is something you NEED.

This disc first surfaced in December of 2001.

** The "white border" that appears on the front cover scan comes from the insert, not a bad scan. It appears that many of the inserts were slightly off-set.

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17 Nussbaum Road (house party) - Raymond, WA United States 03-??-87
   17 Nussbaum Road, 1st Experience

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