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Nirvana Song

Song Author
Kurt Cobain

Writing Period

Recording Session(s)
April 17, 1987 - Evergreen College, The Skid Row demo, KAOS Radio show

This song, which is referenced in Kurt Cobain's notes found in Journals (page 78), has been mistakenly called "Suicide Samurai", "Run Rabbit, Run" and "Raunchola." However, those are all names of other songs.

(Thanks to DN member Tiny Cheese and olaf2022 for their input.)


Alternate/Working Titles
None Documented

Common Mislabels
Run Rabbit Run
Suicide Samurai

Mislabels in the Bootography
Unreleased #1
Unreleased Song #1

1988.01.23 - Tacoma, WA (Interpretation)

You need a path to cross
into a place where everyone you see
has had a time to try to play

If you go get shot
When you'll be what you name
Protector of your gun
Everyone plays with your gun

way, way, way, way

Everyone wants to try to gun you gun you down in pain
Want to see you try to play
I want to describe you
put your name as a national woman
I don't like your coffee
I want to have your friendship
As a jock, and to the top

way, way, way, way

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