The Eternal Legacy

Kiss The Stone (KTS336)
Pat O'Brien Pavilion - Del Mar, CA United States 12-28-91
Total CD Time 79:07 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: KTS336
Additional Artwork
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1) Love Buzz 3:18
2) About A Girl 2:39
3) Polly 2:36
4) Spank Thru 3:15
5) Son Of A Gun 2:46
6) Molly's Lips 1:49
7) D-7 3:44
8) Turnaround 2:15
9) Dumb 2:34
10) Drain You 4:00
11) Endless, Nameless 8:46
12) Drain You 3:42
13) Aneurysm 4:24
14) School 2:38
15) Floyd The Barber 2:20
16) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:51
17) About A Girl 2:55
18) Polly 2:55
19) Sliver 2:02
20) Breed 2:54
21) Come As You Are 3:43
22) Lithium 4:50
23) Territorial Pissings 3:51
The Eternal Legacy

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A+  100%
Average Reader Rating: 100%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 100% - Submitted by Schmokes on 2002.08.22  10:37:50 PM

Although this disc is arguably the greatest Nirvana bootleg ever for sound quality, artwork, and value (being over 79:00 long) I would like to note that it is now obsolete for purposes other than collecting originals. The reason for this is that both halves of this disc can be found in PERFECT sound quality, whereas The Eternal Legacy itself is 100% POST-FM. There is an ANA > DAT > CDR copy of the Peel Sessions now in circulation that has 100% as good of sound quality as the Peel Sessions found on Incesticide. If you listen closely to The Eternal Legacy, you can hear hiss between (and during) the music, as well as what sounds almost like compression or some sort of MPEG-ish audio artifacts. In addition, I have created a remaster of the 12/28/91 show that blows The Eternal Legacy away in sound quality. I spent over a year researching the sound quality of various sources of this show, and I have created a magnificent remaster of this show. I have a degree in Digital Media; this remaster is the work of an educated professional audio technician. I'm not trying to be a snob, thats just my personal guarantee of a quality job done right. Here is what I did: Track 1 (Krist's "let's do it" and instument warm up) and the stage banter at the end of track 10 (Breed) are from the del mar monitor mix. These tracks have been digitally remastered (tape speed/pitch correction, Eq correction, normalized). I fixed the tempo on the Monitor Mix, which I determined to have a tape speed 1.01781467 X too fast, using FTMBOTW as reference. Tracks 2,3,6,8, and 9 are from official releases - the In Bloom single and FTMBOTW. WAVs were taken directly from original CDs. Tracks 4,5,7,10,13 were taken from The Eternal Legacy. These tracks have been digitally remastered (tape speed/pitch correction, Eq correction, normalized). I determined The Eternal Legacy has a tape speed that is 1.02108666 X too slow, using FTMBOTW as reference. WAVs were taken directly from original CD. Tracks 11 and 12 are from the little known disc CA Uberalles, which has an incomplte PRO-Quality Pre-FM copy of this show. WAVs were taken directly from original CD. Total disc time is 41:41 All digital audio processing was accomplished in SoundForge 5.0. The EQ changes I made aren't arbitrary based on my ear, theyre based on actual discrepencies between the two sources. I ran a spectral analysis on the wave-forms of all the bootleg (non-official) sources and determined how many dB and at what frequencies the bootleg sources are different (lower quality) than the official sources, and ran a graphic line-point EQ to compensate accordingly, and using this method I was able to be exceptionally precise. I painstakingly spliced all the sources together, and the splicing is completely seamless and un-noticable. For those who want to collect outstanding bootleg CD's, The Eternal Legacy is a must-have. But it is no longer the best sound quality source for either the Peel Sessions or the 12/28/91 Del Mar Show.

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