LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology Unknown Images And Memorabilia

    1988 1991

        Unknown setlist featured at MTV2 Spankin' New DVD.

        Displayed in Kurt's garage. [3:55 of this video]

        Love Buzz • Downer • Floyd The Barber • Mexican Seafood • Paper Cuts • Aero Zeppelin • Hairspray Queen • Big Cheese • Pen Cap Chew • ???

          Maybe from a Los Angeles concert or from the european tour.

          Posted by Dorien Garry

          89-?? 1990-??a 1990-??b 1990-10a 1993-a 1993-b 1993-c 1993-d 1993-e 1993-f 1993-g 1993-h 1993-i 1993-j 1993-k 1993-l 1993-KM-a 1993-KM-b 1993-PL-a 1993-PL-b

              Found at 6:50

              It can be from 05/26/89 to 10/13/89 or a concert of 1988.

              Photo by: Tracy Marander

              Do anyone know what magazine this was taken from?

              Photos by: Andrea Turner

              October, 1993: Likely pre-tour rehearsals at Hayvenhurst Studios in Van Nuys, CA.

              Photos by Mark Kates

              US In Utero tour.

              Photos by: Kevin Mazur?

              US In Utero tour. Sometime between 11/26/93 to 12/14/93.

              Photos by: Philippe Levy

              The photographer said he took photos during 12/05/93, 12/06/93 and 12/08/93.