LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology January 27, 1992 - Brisbane Festival Hall, Brisbane, AU

    • Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar)
    • Krist Novoselic (bass)
    • Dave Grohl (drums, backing vocals)
  • Alex MacLeod (tour manager)
  • Susanne Sasic (lighting designer)
  • Craig Montgomery (sound engineer)
  • Ian Beveridge (monitor engineer)
  • Nic Close (guitar technician)
  • Barrett Jones (drum technician)
  • Anthony "Bazz" Barrett (production manager)
  • Lees & West
    • Ken West
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NIRVANA Showtime
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  1. No Info
  1. Drain You
  2. School
  3. About A Girl
  4. Lithium
  5. In Bloom
  6. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  7. Come As You Are
  8. On A Plain
  9. Something In The Way

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AMT #1

It is rumored that an Australian collector has a video.

  • Nirvana, as the opening act, played for about 40 minutes, according to an attendee.
  • Nirvana's set had to be cut short because Kurt's illness and the band didn't talk at all during the show.
  • No Info
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