LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology October 29, 1990 - The Waterfront, Norwich, UK

    • Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar)
    • Krist Novoselic (bass)
    • Dave Grohl (drums)
  • Alex MacLeod (tour manager)
  • Craig Montgomery (sound engineer)
  • Ian Beveridge (monitor engineer)
  • Linchpin Productions
    • Barry Newman
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NIRVANA Showtime
  1. No Info
  1. Spank Thru
  2. Cherry Bomb
AMT CLIP #1 incomplete
Unknown > Unknown
Lowest Generation:
Length / Sound Quality:
14 sec / ??
• Amateur video, shot from the stage.
• A clip was posted on YouTube of Krist doing a jam on his bass.
• It is unknown if more footage was shot.

No Info

  • During the encore, L7 came onstage with Nirvana, according to the promoter. According to multiple atendees, they may have played a cover of The Runaways' "Cherry Bomb" together. A member of L7, probably Dee Plakas, sat on Dave's lap and they both drummed.
  • They may have played "Spank Thru" together, according to an attendee.
  • No Info
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Photo by Simon Dack Dunford Photo by Simon Dack Dunford Unknown photographer Unknown photographer