LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology January 23, 1988 - Community World Theater, Tacoma, WA, US

  • Ted Ed Fred
    • Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar)
    • Krist Novoselic (bass)
    • Dale Crover (drums)
  • John Hinkle (sound engineer)
  • Jim May
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Happy Dead Juans Showtime
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Ted Ed Fred Showtime
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  1. No Info
  1. If You Must
  2. Downer
  3. Floyd The Barber
  4. Paper Cuts
  5. Spank Thru
  6. Hairspray Queen part of
  7. BREAK
  8. Aero Zeppelin
  9. Beeswax
  10. Mexican Seafood
  11. Pen Cap Chew
  12. Annorexorcist
  13. Hairspray Queen
  14. Erectum
  15. Moby Dick jam
SBD #1a incomplete
Soundboard > Unknown
Lowest Generation:
Official CD1 [With The Lights Out]
Length / Sound Quality:
5 min / 9.0
• Includes only "Downer," "Floyd The Barber."
• "Erectum" and the "Moby Dick" jam is sourced from a lower quality tape than "Downer", "Floyd The Barber" and the SBD #1b tape.
SBD #1b incomplete
Soundboard > Unknown
Lowest Generation:
Unknown > FLAC
Length / Sound Quality:
38 min / 9.0
• Circulated in September 2015.
• More complete than SBD #1a.
• This tape is very edited and is missing about 12 minutes of the show compared to AMT #1.
• Both takes of "Hairspray Queen" and "Beeswax" is missing.
AMT #1
Unknown > Unknown
Lowest Generation:
Length / Sound Quality:
50 min / 7.5
• Circulated in May 2012.
• Amateur video, shot from the back of the venue using a tripod.

No Info

  • The band played under the name Ted Ed Fred.
  • The first attempt at "Hairspray Queen" was stopped due to a broken string.
  • After the "Moby Dick (jam)," Krist can be heard playing the bass line of an unknown song. This unknown song was also played at the Skid Row rehearsal from summer of 1987.
  • No Info
Handwritten setlist Poster, designed by Dana Bong Handbill/Flyer, designed by Debbi Needham
Screencap of AMT #1 Screencap of AMT #1 Screencap of AMT #1