LIVE NIRVANA Concert Chronology May 3, 1986 - GESSCO, Olympia, WA, US

  • Brown Towel/Brown Cow
    • Kurt Cobain (vocals)
    • Buzz Osborne (guitar)
    • Dale Crover (drums)
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Brown Towel/Brown Cow Showtime
Grinder Showtime
Danger Mouse Showtime
Melvins Showtime
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  1. I Like Porn
  2. Sky Pup


It is not known whether this show was recorded, no tapes have surfaced to date.

  • The trio was originally called Brown Towel, but the promoter misheard Buzz over the phone and spelled their name as Brown Cow on the flyer.
  • Kurt recited poetry over improvised music by Dale (on drums) and Buzz (on guitar), including some early versions of Melvins songs.
  • "Kurt was just jumping around the stage reading, singing, and screaming," according to Dale.
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