Label: Primadonna
Catalog Number: PD095
Recorded performance:  05-11-95 -King Performance Center, Seattle, WA, US
Recorded performance:  12-23-90 - (Late!) Upland Studios Arlington, VA, US
Recorded performance:  07-27-91 - (Late!)WGNS Studios Washington, DC, US

Runtime: 75:53 /20 Tracks
Matrix: 600197X P-134 IFPI L602
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Pokey The Little Puppy 4:19
02) Petrol CB 4:48
03) Friend Of A Friend 3:09
04) Throwing Needles 3:23
05) Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson 2:24
06) Color Pictures Of A Marigold 3:16
07) Hells Garden 3:19
08) Winnebago 4:14
09) Bruce 3:51
10) Milk 2:26
11) Winnebago 6:27
12) This Is A Call 3:51
13) Butterlies 3:34
14) I'll Stick Around 4:10
15) Big Me 2:39
16) Wattershed 2:57
17) For All The Cows 3:52
18) Alone + Easy Target 3:51
19) Floaty 3:23
20) Exhausted 5:40

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating:

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Tracks 01 - 10
This Disc contains the whole Pocketwatch.
The Tracks are of decent sound. I think a bit better than a couple of others. Hells Garden sounds a bit bad at the beginning as all copies do, but itís not too bad.
Colour Pictures of A Marigold is complete and has the sorry intro. It fades out naturally, doesnít cut out!
It has most likely exact the same Pocketwatch tracks as the other Pocketwatch has.
I have noted the correct track times so it can be compared.
The Cover is the same Picture as for Fighting the Ní Factor, but itís blurry.

Tracks 11 Ė 20
This one canít be mislabled as a soundboard recording. Itís an audience recording of an early Foo Fighters show.
Itís a bit thin, but very nice sound overall. Great performance with much energy.
Butterflies & Iíll Stick around are very nicely performed.

I think this should get an middle A Grade as it has good artwork also.
Thanks to Florian Haun for this review

"Pokey The Little Puppy" labeled as "Pokey's Little Puppy"
"Colour Pictures Of A Marigold" labeled as "Coloured Pictures Of A Marigold"
"Winnebago" labeled as "Winnabego"
"Wattershed" labeled as "Watershed"
"Alone + Easy " labeled as "Alone / Easy Target"

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07-27-91 - (Late!)WGNS Studios Washington, DC, US
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