LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: Outcesticide III - The Final Solution

Label: Blue Moon Records
Catalog Number:  (BMCD39)
Recorded performance:  Compilation / Various

Runtime: 74:19 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: C 2404/mmBHP (95089121)
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Rape Me 2:49
02) Pennyroyal Tea 3:54
03) Drain You 3:47
04) Marigold 3:07
05) Dive 3:38
06) Mr. Moustache 3:38
07) Blandest 3:52
08) Even In His Youth 3:14
09) Polly 2:35
10) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:34
11) Serve The Servants 3:24
12) Dumb 2:37
13) tourette's 2:09
14) Aneurysm 4:43
15) Oh, The Guilt 3:15
16) Dive 4:06
17) About A Girl 2:43
18) The Money Will Roll Right In 2:17
19) Verse Chorus Verse 3:14
20) Curmudgeon 2:51
21) High On The Hog 2:10
22) Raunchola 4:05
23) Beans 1:17
Outcesticide III - The Final Solution

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  97%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This Outcesticide disc contains some of the rarest of the rarities. Tracks 20-22 are of lesser sound quality than what is typical of the Outcesticide series because they are the only recordings available of a particular song (Curmudgeon has since surfaced in a little better quality). This is an excellent compilation disc for collectors and contains a number of tracks found on only a few other discs. Outcesticide III was released in late 1995.

This disc grabbed tracks 14, 15 and 19 from the 11/25/90 show. These tracks aren't bad, but I think the Season in Hell Vol.1 set has them in a little better quality. A couple of tracks (6, and 7) are from the 06/xx/88 studio sessions and I've heard versions that are a little more crisp... still not bad though. The first 3 tracks are from the 2/4/94 French broadcast and are excellent. There is a description of the remaining tracks below.

1 - Rape Me
French TV 2/4/94

2 - Pennyroyal Tea
French TV 2/4/94

3 - Drain You
French TV 2/4/94

4 - Marigold
Marigold is from Dave's "Pocketwatch" demo 12/90 - Dave's demo with Dave's vocals, this copy is more complete than the trading circle ANA3.

5 - Dive
Hanau, Germany 11/18/89

6 - Mr. Moustache
Reciprocal Studio 06/xx/88

7 - Blandest
Reciprocal Studio 6/11/88 (upgrade from original Outcesticide 1)

8 - Even In His Youth
Music Source Studio 9/89

9 - Polly
Music Source Studio 9/89

10 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
MTV 1/10/92

11 - Serve The Servants
Italian TV 2/23/94

12 - Dumb
Italian TV 2/23/94

13 - Tourette's
Reading Festival 8/30/92 (Also on the Muddy Banks of Wishkah album)

14 - Aneurysm
Seattle 11/25/90

15 - Oh, The Guilt
Seattle 11/25/90

16 - Dive
Dutch Radio 11/1/89

17 - About A Girl
Dutch Radio 11/1/89

18 - The Money Will Roll Right In
Reading Festival 8/30/92 (Fang Cover)

19 - Verse Chorus Verse
Seattle 11/25/90

20 - Curmudgeon
Live - 11/23/91 Ghent, Belgium

21 - High On The Hog
Mezzago, Italy 11/26/89 Kurt singing a TAD song w/TAD

22 - Raunchola
Tacoma, WA 12/14/87

23 - Beans
(short version) 4-track recording 1988
** On the two most recent Blue Moon pressings, this track is cut at 50 seconds.

Outcesticide III is an excellent disc to pick up. It contains songs of varying sound quality, but all the recordings are listenable. Opinions on the disc vary widely. Some collectors feel that the CD is the best of the Outcesticide series, while others feel that the rare early recordings of poorer sound quality detract from the disc.

Most Outcesticides are counterfits... which isn't necessarily bad, but it matters to some people. Compare the artwork on your disc to the artwork you see here. True Blue Moon Outcesticide III discs have the title "backwards" on the spine of the inlay, meaning that when you stack it with your other discs, the words will be facing the wrong way. The backwards spine, listing of known matrices, and the artwork to compare your disc to should give you enough to tell whether or not your Outcesticide III (or one that you are planning to purchase) is a genuine Blue Moon disc, or a clone. The most recent pressing of Outcesticide 3 has subtly different disc artwork.

Known Matrices:
C 2404/mmBHP (95089121)
C 2402/mmBHP (95089121)
OUT 3 (This is the most recent pressing)
Check the back of the booklet : in the background "Nirvana Outcesticide III The Final Solution Nirvana Outcesticide III The Final Solution" is written in light grey. Counterfeits have the text on dark grey.

There is a mystery around this title. Two pressings exist with the exact same quality inserts :
- a black disc with matrix:BLACK-OUT MADE IN TAIWAN 950602-01 66291XK1 IFPI L601
- a picture disc with usual "Outcesticide" logo with 95-08 on the matrix number (the version scanned and reviewed here)
The black disc version is as rare as the original picture disc version, and all copies of the black discs had original inserts (not scanned, blurred or copied).
Did Blue Moon make a deal to release this title in in Asia too ?

the black disc has slightly different track times to the copy scanned and reviewed above:
Rape Me 2.48
Pennyroyal Tea 3.52
Drain You 3.49
Marigold 3.09
Dive 3.36
Mr. Moustache 3.40
Blandest 3.52
Even In His Youth 3.14
Polly 2.46
Smells Like Teen Spirit 4.34
Serve The Servants 3.24
Dumb 2.36
Tourette's 2.10
Aneurysm 4.42
Oh, The Guilt 3.16
Dive 4.06
About A Girl 2.43
The Money Will Roll Right In 2.17
Verse Chorus Verse 3.14 Curmudgeon 2.51
High On The Dog 2.10
Run, Rabbit, Run ! 4.05
Beans 1.16

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