Label:  Oxygen (ex Octopus)
Catalog Number:  (OXY 031)
Recorded performance:  December 23, 1990 (Late!) Upland Studios Arlington, VA, US
Recorded performance:  September 23, 1993 Saturday Night Live rehearsal, NBC Studios New York, NY, US
Recorded performance:  02-23-94 - RAI TV Studios, Rome, Italy
Recorded performance:  11/15/95 Brixton Academy London, UK
Recorded performance:  11/16/95 Maida Vale Studios London, UK

Runtime: 68:35 / 20 Tracks
Matrix: GZ H12316 OXY 031
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Enough Space 2:39
02) This Is A Call 4:08
03) Winnebago 2:57
04) Wattershed 2:07
05) For All The Cows 3:31
06) Weenie Beenie 2:59
07) Big Me 2:27
08) I'll Stick Around 3:51
09) Alone + Easy Target 2:03
10) Up In Arms 1:39
11) Gas Chamber 1:18
12) Exhausted 7:48
13) Winnebago 2:58
14) Wattershed 2:02
15) Marigold 3:08
16) Heart Shaped Box 6:05
17) Heart Shaped Box 4:49
18) Rape Me 2:57
19) Serve The Servants 3:27
20) Dumb 2:34
Fighting The 'N' Factor

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A+  100%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
It doesn't get much better than this! 3 "best sources" for Nirvana and 2 perfect Foo Fighters soundboards!
All copies of the "Pocketwatch" Demo tape cut "Marigold" off a little too early but this boot has a complete perfect quality version!
The Brixton Academy Show is sourced from a Westwood one FM Radio broadcast in the United States and is fairly common.
This is probably a repressing of the original "Fighting The "N" Factor" CD. The artwork, apart from the "Monada" and "Osa" logos, is scanned. An early pressing was maybe released under "Oxygen" but with different "locations" and "copyright company" logos ? It is easy to see that the artwork is not crisp, but blurred and scanned.
The LN Bootography would like to hear from anyone who owns an original first pressing or knows anything about it.

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