LIVE NIRVANA SESSIONS HISTORY March, 1994 - Basement, Cobain residence, Seattle, WA, US View in Google Maps

  • Cobain, Kurt (vocals, drums)
  • Erlandson, Eric (bass)
  • Smear, Pat (guitar)
  • [X] Do Re Mi
  • [?] Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  • [?] others?

A recording is known to exist, but is not circulating.

Very little is known about this four-track home recording. Cobain is believed to have been fleshing-out ideas for a new NIRVANA release, the arrangements having been described as similar to those of The Beatles' White Album. (1)

It was a loose jam with Kurt singing and playing drums, Pat on guitar and me attempting a lefty bass turned upside down, Erlandson revealed in a Q&A on (2)

When asked whether he and Smear already had a point of reference or a demonstration of Do Re Mi, Erlandson responded, Yeah, Kurt had it already figured out, we were just there for the ride. (1)

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