This section documents each NIRVANA recording session in as much detail as possible. The authors have conducted exclusive interviews with first-hand sources and spent hundreds of hours scouring books, biographies and Internet resources to create the most accurate and complete historical documentation of NIRVANA sessions.

There are many contradictions and inconsistencies in the information reported in the NIRVANA resources. For that reason, each statement reported here is fully referenced to the document which supplied the information, so that the reader is able to re-assess the information for themself.

This document aims to be the first guide to document the best sources for each recording, from the audiophile collectors' point of view, i.e. we are less concerned with which bootleg may contain these songs; rather we prefer to state if there is a better version circulating among collectors.

We acknowledge and are in awe of the extreme amount of work that went into creating the resources that we have consulted to bring you this document, and would like to thank them all for their dedication. aims to keep this document at the cutting edge of the NIRVANA world, so if you have or know of any information that could be incorporated into this document, please do not hesitate to submit it to the authors.


FIRST EDITION BY: Adam Andrews and Charles Furth

CONTRIBUTORS: First and foremost, we are extremely grateful to all those listed in the references. We also thank: Roar Aasheim, Tim Bucknall, John W. Busher, Javier Diaz, Chris Hickman, Mert Iskender, Barry Lajnwand, Chris Lawrence, Jeremy Little, Chris Lomas, Tamo Luken, Ben Martigny, Joe Powers, Brett Robinson, Matt Seward, Joeri Voogt and David Willhauk.

LAST UPDATED: April 28, 2022