LIVE NIRVANA SESSIONS HISTORY December, 1988 - Maria's Hair Design, Aberdeen, WA, US View in Google Maps

    • Channing, Chad (drums)
    • Cobain, Kurt (vocals, guitar)
    • Novoselic, Krist (bass)
  • [O] Love Buzz
  • [O] Scoff
  • [O] About A Girl
  • [O] Big Long Now
  • [O] Immigrant Song
  • [O] Spank Thru
  • [O] Hairspray Queen
  • [O] School
  • [O] Mr. Moustache
  • [?] others?
Source ID Quality Complete Runtime Lowest Gen Tracks Featured Notes
AMT #1 8.0 0:26:53 Official DVD (With The Lights Out) • Love Buzz
• Scoff
• About A Girl
• Big Long Now
• Immigrant Song
• Spank Thru
• Hairspray Queen
• School
• Mr. Moustache

Filmed for the most part by Krist Novoselic's brother, Robert. This is doubtless one of many rehearsals video-taped by the band, but is the only one to have surfaced thus far.

For a rehearsal, the band give an energetic and passionate performance, accompanied by make-shift visual FX (a strobe light and on/off flicking of the light-switch).

Kurt Cobain's mic is set up against a wall, onto which a setlist can be seen, pasted at eye-level (a copy of this setlist can be found in Michael Azerrad's book, Come As You Are: The Story Of Nirvana).

Also present and caught on camera are friends Ben Lattin, Ryan Aigner, Steve Newman and Senad Begovic.

We got some beer, watched my brother and partied, recalls Robert Novoselic. We really didn't think anything of it at the time because they were not that popular then. I do remember some kids walking by that night, stopping and standing there listening with an amazed look on their faces, like it was music they had never heard before; they really didn't know what to make of it, other than it was good. That was the night I thought there maybe something really special happening with the band. (1)

Ben Lattin suggests that this performance was in fact sub-par compared to other NIRVANA rehearsals he had attended. Specifically, Lattin recalls a practice at Krist's mother's hair salon which blew the socks off… [this] practice. (2) Lattin says that the practice above Maria's Hair Design was also video-taped, but with the camera mounted onto a tripod; this recording has yet to surface, however. (2)

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© Alex Roberts. August 28, 2011