Four of the top 10 performances were special TV performances. Many of the top 20 have either been aired on television or released on video (i.e. Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!). We therefore need to ask a question: did the band play better for TV performances, or have people voted for them because precisely they have clear video footage? Or perhaps the videos are more common among collectors?

The answer must be - a bit of both. The band often tried harder for TV performances, from everything to dress (02/04/94) to performance. Certainly good quality professional video footage enables us to observe procedings more carefully. Similarly, such footage has also circulated more, which will have skewed our results somewhat.

Finally, we note that four renditions from Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! feature in this Top 30, and many more on the various Outcesticide bootlegs, but none at all from From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah. This is evidence of fans' ambivalence towards Novoselic's choices for the official live album. However, Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! did come out first and had first pick of all the choice moments in the band's history.