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12/31/90 - Satyricon, Portland, OR, US

Venue Address:
Satyricon, 125 NW. 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209, US
Event Organizer:
Mazinga Productions, Daniel Riddle
Other Performers:
Caustic Soda, Hitting Birth, Roger Nusic, Thrillhammer
Reviews/Eyewitness Accounts:
"I booked the show that night. I got Krist [Novoselic]'s phone number from the booking info and when I called he had remembered hanging out with us at the Blue Gallery… they set up most of their own gear. They had some new gear that they were getting used to… They knew they had an explosive, powerful new lineup and an amazing batch of songs. The sound check brought tears to my eyes. It was so fucking powerful, filled with melody and raw emotion. They used sound check to rehearse most of the set. It very much felt like the lineup was fresh and most of the tunes had never been played live… After the show I paid them in cash from the door. I think I promised the 60 percent and it was $10 cover charge. I think they made $1,800. We totally oversold the door. It was so fucking packed in there, people were leaving because after a few drinks and getting pummelled by an insanely loud PA system that I rented - most folks couldn't handle it." - Daniel Riddle, I Found My Friends: The Oral History of Nirvana
Flyer, courtesy of Mike Ziegler
Flyer, courtesy of Mike Ziegler