With Dave Grohl in the band, Nirvana found the perfect drummer. The crowds are insane as the band gets ready to break, and become a phenomenon. However, as Nirvana becomes more successful, the videos get worse. It is harder to get close to the band. Also, being on a major label means tapers are not welcome by the management. The band is still playing clubs, so the tapers aren't in outer space, but they are more limited in how close they can get.

Kurt 4/17/91 Seattle, WA
OK Hotel
65 min, aud

Soundcheck: Pennyroyal Tea (clip)//Show: Polly/ Big Cheese/ Turnaround/ Love Buzz/ D7/ Blew/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Negative Creep/ Wild Thing jam/ About A Girl/ Breed/ Floyd The Barber/ In His Hands/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ School/ Dive/ Territorial Pissings/ Sliver

Quality: There are alot of horrible quality copies of this floating around. This past year, a better copy surfaced. It's grainy, but a lot clearer. It is also free from the glitches on the previous version. The color is still dull though. The taper shoots from the left hand side of the stage, a few rows back. While the view sometimes has some obstructions, most of it is quite good. We even get extreme closeups of Krist, and Dave.

Notes:A very important video in the history of Nirvana, as this was the show where the band debuted Smells Like Teen Spirit, which is different than what was released. Nothing really notable about the show other than that. Generally well shot footage of the band, though the taper is a few rows back, which signals the start of things to come. Tapers either have to fight the crowds, or be more discreet taping. There are some good shots of Dave and Krist who would often be ignored on the videos in favor of Kurt, once the band became famous. The low generation copies are missing the clip of the Pennyroyal Tea soundcheck.

8/23/91 - Reading, England
Reading Festival
40 min, aud

School/ Floyd The Barber/ Drain You/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Come As You Are/ Breed/ Sliver/ Molly's Lips/ Love Buzz/ Negative Creep/ The End/ Blew/ Endless, Nameless

Quality:There are many different versions of this video floating around. Some are far away, some are fairly close - well, as close as you could hope to get at a festival.

Notes: Cool show. Band is energetic, Eugene Kelly sings Molly’s Lips with Kurt. Kurt dislocates his collar bone when he jumps into the drums at the end. Endless Nameless can be seen on The Year Punk Broke video.

8/24/91 Koln, Germany
Monster of Spex
30 min, aud

Polly/ Drain You/ Floyd The Barber/ Sliver/ School/ Breed/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Territorial Pissings/ Negative Creep


Notes:Pro cameras can be seen on stage. Also of note, Kurt is on the opposite side of the stage as he usually is.

9/1/91 Rotterdam, Holland video #1
45 min, aud

Polly/ Drain You/ School/ Floyd The Barber/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Come As You Are/ About A Girl/ Breed/ Sliver/ In Bloom/ Been A Son/ Negative Creep


Notes: Cool show. the band is drunk and dressed up in lab coats. Kurt has major guitar troubles. About a Girl is cool cause Kurt's guitar goes totally out and Dave makes up some funky beats. They end up smashing everything less then 1/2 way thru negative creep. Pro cameras can be seen.

9/1/91 Rotterdam, Holland video #2
45 min, aud

Polly/ Drain You/ School/ Floyd The Barber/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Come As You Are/ About A Girl/ Breed/ Sliver/ In Bloom/ Been A Son/ Negative Creep



9/16/91 Seattle, WA
Beehive Record Store
45 min, aud

Drain You/ Love Gunn/ Breed/ Floyd The Barber/ Polly/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Come As You Are/ School/ Territorial Pissings/ Blew/ Negative Creep/ Been A Son/ Something In The Way/ Stain



9/20/91 Toronto, Ontario
Opera House
60 min, aud

Aneurysm/ Drain You/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Polly/ School/ Sliver/ Floyd The Barber/ About A Girl/ Breed/ Territorial Pissings/ Pennyroyal Tea/ Blew/ Negative Creep/ Been A Son/ Something In The Way/ Endless, Nameless


Notes:This video has special effects on it.

Hey, it's Nirvana! 9/21/91 Montreal, Quebec video #1
Foufounes Electriques
65 min, aud

Aneurysm/ Drain You/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ School/ Sliver/ Polly/ Breed/ About A Girl/ Scoff/ Floyd The Barber/ Blew/ Negative Creep/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Something In The Way/ Endless, Nameless/ interview

Quality:Absolutely horrible quality. The copies of this video going around are really generated. Expect any or all of the following - wavy picture, lines, or glitches. This was shot from the balcony near the right front side of the stage. There aren't any obstructions, but there aren't that many closeups either, which is too bad. When the taper gets close, he's got a really nice shot. Almost all the closeups are of Kurt. The typical shot is of the entire band.
The video is not the complete show, which may be due to the taper shutting off the camera. There are cuts after almost every single song. Many of the songs are incomplete as often the opening line or two, or beginning riff is missing.

Notes: At the end of the set, Kurt climbs on top of the PA . After playing on his knees, and hitting Dave's cymbols a few times with the neck of his guitar, Kurt climbs up into the rafters above the stage.

The most interesting thing about this video is the interview with the band after the show. It's pretty dark, but once in awhile you can see Kurt or Krist. Dave is not there at the start of the interview, but does show up later. Rather than an actual interview, it's actually more the taper and his friends hanging out backstage with the band and documenting that they were there.

Dave 9/21/91 Montreal, Quebec video #2
Foufounes Electriques
30 min, pro

Aneurysm / School / Sliver / short clips from four other songs

Quality: Shot with one camera, this video has footage from a variety of places - at the foot of the stage, in the crowd, up on the stage, and back at the soundboard, where the view is not very good. There are great close ups. But most of the songs are incomplete or just short clips.

Notes: The interview tacked onto the beginning of the this is from the Much Music Tribute. There's some really great footage here, along with some shots of the floor as the cameraman runs to different view point. There are some nice shots from stage, as well as from the front of the audience. During Endless Nameless, Kurt climbs up on top of the pa stacks. A roadie grabs him to keep him from falling. Then Kurt climbs up the back wall, and appears to be hanging from the ceiling. You can only see his legs hanging down.

9/23/91 Boston, MA
4m, pro

Smells Like Teen Spirit(:45) / Drain You(:52) / Aneurysm (1:21)

Quality:This single camera video is shot from the right side of the club. It was shot from the back of the floor through the heads of the crowd. The picture is pretty dark and you can only see Kurts head. The sound is a bit harsh. The vocals are up front in the mix.

Notes:MTV has a Nirvana feature on their web site which features footage from this show. Click on the link, then scroll down to find the bar on the right which has the footage from the Boston 1991 show.

Every shot is the same 9/26/91 New Haven, CT
The Moon
40 min, aud

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam/ Here She Comes Now/ D7/ Aneurysm (cut)/ Drain You/ School/ Floyd The Barber/ About A Girl/ Love Buzz (cut) / Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Breed/ Polly (cut)

Quality: This was shot from the right side of the floor, a couple people back from the stage. The stage looks very small and is only slightly above floor level. The crowd are in the shot, blocking part of our view of the band. The picture above is what it always looks like. The taper never zooms in, which is too bad as he probably could have gotten some good shots of Kurt. Krist is usually in the dark, and Dave is often hidden by Kurt, the crowd or his drums. The sound is okay, but the bass is buried and the vocals are low. The show is not complete. It is believed that there were problems with the battery, hence the cuts. Anyone with any other info, let me know.

Notes: Kurt has several problems with his guitar not working. The worst problem occurs during Here She Comes Now, when the guitar just stops. Kurt tries to find the problem, and eventually some roadies come on stage to help him. As they try to find the problem, Dave and Krist keep playing. Kurt starts to strum along even though his guitar still isn't working. Then the guitar starts and they finish the song. When the song gets over, Dave says "I think I broke my finger.... Can I get a new finger up here, please? Someone bring me a new finger."

Kurt with dramatic smoke 9/27/91 Trenton, NJ
City Gardens
50 min, aud

Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam (cuts in at solo) Aneurysm/ D7/ Drain You/ School/ Floyd The Barber/ Sliver/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Polly/ About A Girl/ Blew/ Been A Son/ Something In The Way/ Negative Creep/ Endless, Nameless

Quality:The video starts with a shot a ticket to the show super-imposed over the back of the Sliver 45 sleeve. The taper shot this video from the floor on the left hand side of the club. The club must have a slightly higher level back there as he is shooting slightly above the heads of the crowd, hence Kurt appearing in the bottom half of the picture. There is a person to the front left of the taper who bangs their head to the music. Thus there is sometimes long hair coming into the picture and obstructs part of the view. It's hard to get a good shot, and the first few songs have a nice view of the ceiling. The sound is distorted and the vocals are buried in the mix.

Notes: Kurt has energy in this performance. He throws himself around during his guitar solos. None of the band says much during the performance. It's a pretty good show, but nothing special happens. Smells Like Teen Spirit is so new the crowd doesn't recognize it. During Sliver Kurt breaks a string. At the end of Endless Nameless, Dave starts pushing his drums off the drum riser. He seems to be having a hard time with the bass. Krist gets up behind him, pushing both Dave and the drums. Dave, kneeling on the bass, falls over the edge with the drums, and bangs into Kurts guitar, which goes twang. Kurt then throws his guitar onto Dave who is lying on the stage. Then- in the best shot of Dave in the video- the band walks off the stage.

10/11/91 - Detroit, MI
St. Andrew's Hall
85 min, aud

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam/ Aneurysm/ Drain You/ School/ Floyd The Barber/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ About A Girl/ Breed/ Polly/ Sliver/ Pennyroyal Tea/ Love Buzz/ Come As You Are/ Blew/ Negative Creep/ Been A Son/ On A Plain/ Lithium/ Territorial Pissings/ Rape Me/ Something In The Way/ Endless, Nameless



Kurt and Krist 10/19/91 - Dallas, TX
Trees Club
75 min, aud

Formaldehyde/ Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam/ Aneurysm/ Drain You/ School/ Floyd The Barber/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ About A Girl/ Polly/ Breed/ Sliver/ Love Buzz/ Pennyroyal Tea/ Negative Creep/ On A Plain/ Blew/ Lithium/ Rape Me/ Territorial Pissings

Quality:This is a really cool video because it was shot from on stage by someone known to the band. The taper even asks Dave about one of his tattoo's at one point. The quality is pretty good, although the picture could be sharper. The video has nice shots of Dave and Kurt, but since it was shot essentially from behind Krist, we often only see his back. Usually the shot is from head to toe, but sometimes there are some nice close ups of Kurt.

Notes:This video is infamous because it is the show where Kurt gets into the fight with the bouncer. Kurt was having problems with his guitar, and in frustration, slammed his guitar into the soundboard a couple of times. The soundboard belonged to the bouncer's friend. Later in the show, Kurt dives, with his guitar, onto the crowd. When he attempts to get back on stage, the bouncer grabs him, and keeps him from getting back on stage, while hitting him. Kurt nails the bouncer in the head with his guitar. While the bouncer is stunned, Kurt manages to get back on stage. The bouncer recovers, and hits Kurt in the back of the head. Kurt falls to the floor, and curls up to try to protect himself. The bouncer tries to kick him, while Krist drops his bass and Dave jumps over the drums to come to Kurts assistance.
Krist gets in between Kurt and the bouncer, who is bleeding profusely from the skull. Krist is trying to calm down the bouncer, who wants to beat the crap out of Kurt. Taking off his shirt, Krist tries to mop the blood from the bouncers head, but the bouncer pushes him away. The other bouncers manage to get the bloody guy off the stage, while the crowd is impatient for the show to go on.