2/19/90 Phoenix

Videos from 1990 show a band who are enjoying themselves. Though Kurt tends to be cranky, there is life in his performance. Often he throws himself all over the stage during solos. This is a great year for videos. Many of them are shot right next to the stage. Audience tapers still had access to Nirvana, and SubPop seemed to be doing quite a bit of filming also.

1/20/90 Tacoma, WA
55 min, aud

School/ Floyd The Barber/ Love Buzz/ Dive/ Scoff/ About A Girl/ Big Cheese/ Molly's Lips/ Junkyard/ Spank Thru/ Breed/ Stain/ Been A Son/ Sweet Home Alabama/ Negative Creep/ Blew

Quality: The picture is slightly grainy, but pretty clear overall. This is shot from the audience at the left side of the stage. There are many obstructions as people are always walking around on stage, or on the edge of the stage. The bouncers sometimes block the view. Chad is mostly hidden by the pa, and the drums. Kurt is often behind Krist. The taper can get a nice close up, but usually shoots long shots. Also, he tends to use the fade between songs.

Notes: Insanity rules at this show. Kurts guitar comes unplugged several times during the show, and goes totally out of tune during Big Cheese. The show is stopped after Scoff, because there is a fight going on. Kurt says "hey, that's our friend!" It turns out to be one of the Mudhoney guys who is getting beat up. He comes up to the mic, and does a drunken monologue about how some guy tried to break his finger, and his equipment just because he puked. While Kurt is at the edge of the stage trying to keep Mudhoney's guy from being thrown out, Krist goes up to the mic and sings Beatles songs. He sings part of "All You Need Is Love", and sings "If I Fell". At the end of the show, Krist throws his bass up in the air, then into the pa, knocking it over. He then throws the bass across the stage into the pa on the other side.

2/12/90 Sacramento, CA
Cattle Club
45 min, aud

Love Buzz/ Floyd The Barber/ School/ About A Girl/ Dive/ Polly/ Molly's Lips/ Verse Chorus Verse/ Scoff/ Breed/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Negative Creep/ Blew

Quality:Nice low generation copies are floating around.


Kurt sings 2/14/90 San Francisco, CA
Kennel Club
40m, semi-pro, multicamera

Floyd the Barber / Love Buzz/ Dive / Verse Chorus Verse / Spank Thru / About a Girl / Scoff / Polly / Breed / Mollys Lips / Been a Son / Stain / Negative Creep / Blew

Quality:The picture is a bit dark, which seems to be the fault of the lighting at the club. This is mainly shot from the back of the club, which shows the band and the entire stage. There are some special effects once in awhile. There are also closeups throughout, with the typical close up of Chad. The sound is good for a video, and may be from the soundboard, although it's a poorly mixed soundboard if that's the case.

Notes: There are a few problems during the set. Kurt accidentally unplugs his guitar several times. First, during Love Buzz when he jumps up in the air, and then during Spank Thru. Krist is having problems with his bass, even starting off the set saying he needed to borrow someone's bass. As the set goes on, Krist gets frustrated, and destroys his bass by smashing it on the floor right after Stain. He walks off the stage, and Kurt goes after him. When they come back on the stage with a borrowed bass, Kurt asks "would the Legend like to play again?" Krist replies " you get what you paid for".
At the end of the set, Kurt starts beating on his guitar, and jamming the neck into the stage while leaning on it, eventually flying over the top of it. He also winds up and hits the drums with the guitar. The show is finished by Kurt throwing the body of the guitar into the drums, then diving in after it. With the show over, the band starts packing up their equipment.

2/16/90 Long Beach, CA
45 min, aud

Love Buzz/ Floyd The Barber/ Scoff/ Dive/ Verse Chorus Verse/ About A Girl/ Spank Thru/ Breed/ School/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Negative Creep/ Blew



2/18/90 Tijuana, Mexico
35 min, pro

School/ Love Buzz/ Floyd The Barber/ Scoff/ Spank Thru/ About A Girl/ Breed/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Negative Creep/ Blew

Quality: While some copies of this are very generated, there are also some fairly decent copies in circulation. The video is multicamera and pro shot. There may be a glitch once in awhile. In some copies, the picture gets somewhat worse towards the end. Very good sound, but it almost appears dubbed. I've been told the sound from Bleach is overdubbed on School.

Notes: Kurt breaks two guitars in this video. Before Spank Thru, he breaks the first one. Then after Blew, Kurt goes up to the camera, and hits it with his guitar. He then puts the neck of the guitar on the floor, at a 90 degree angle, and attempts to balance himself on the guitar. He ends up falling on the floor. Kurt then smashes the guitar, beating the hell out of the body until pieces fly off it into the crowd.

2/19/90 Phoenix, AZ
Mason Jar
55 min, aud

School/ Floyd The Barber/ Scoff/ Dive/ Polly/ Spank Thru/ Breed/ About A Girl/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Negative Creep/ Blew/ Molly's Lips/ Love Buzz

Quality: The video is slightly grainy, but is still clear. The taper is in the audience in front of Krist. The stage is not well lit, and the color is slightly dull. There are good close ups. The sound is somewhat distorted, and bassy. The vocals are low.

Notes: Krist starts the show by announcing "we're from Scottsdale, AZ, and we're a Motley Crue cover band". During Negative Creep, Krist stands on the drum riser, and puts his foot and neck of the bass against a pole. Near the end of the show, Krist goes on a rant about bar flys. Before playing Blew, the band urges people to get up on the stage and pogo. They do, and totally obscure the band. It's really odd that the taper didn't get up on stage, as he ends up just shooting people pogoing in front of the band.

3/?/90 - Olympia, WA video #1
Evergreen State College
15 min, semipro

School/ Lithium/ Big Cheese/ Floyd The Barber


Notes: These are early music videos. In the first version to surface, there are clips of tv shows behind the band. These tend to make things look really cluttered. Lithium has pictures of Dave, but Chad is playing in the live shot. Kurt falls over Chads drums in Floyd.

3/?/90 - Olympia, WA video #2
Evergreen State College
15 min, semipro

School/ Big Cheese/ Floyd The Barber / Lithium

Quality: This version is circulating in better quality than the previous version.

Notes: This second version of the video to surface doesn't have as many clips behind the band, which makes it a bit easier to watch. It also is lower generation, which is much sharper. Lithium is a one camera, live performance with Chad. This looks like the camera is set on a tripod, and the band is the one shooting the video.

4/10/90 Ann Arbor, MI
Blind Pig
45 min, aud

School/ Floyd The Barber/ Love Buzz/ Dive/ Spank Thru/ Breed/ About A Girl/ Big Cheese/ Scoff/ Molly's Lips/ Stain/ Been A Son/ Negative Creep/ Blew

Quality: Note: While this video could use a bit more light, it is not as dark as the pictures here make it appear. I just couldn't get them to come out any better than this.

Pretty nice camera work on this show. The video is shot from the left side of the venue, near the stage. The stage is very small, and the taper is standing almost next to Krist. Once in awhile you can see heads in the picture as the crowd is very enthusiastic. The sound is very good. There are a couple of cuts between songs. You can see someone on the right side of the venue with a camcorder. So somewhere there is another version of this show. Chad once again is mostly in the dark corner of the stage. Small clubs don't light the drums very well. As the taper is almost on the stage, the shots are all fairly close, with Kurt getting some close ups.

Notes: This is a good show, and the band plays well. After Love Buzz, Kurt steps up on his monitor, and launches himself into the audience. Krist is playing in his stocking feet. At one point, Krist asks the audience "any beer drinkers?" He later has a short rant about ordering a beer, and getting a glass the size of a dixie cup. Kurt messes with his amp and pedals at several points during the show. At one point there is a lull between songs as he does this, and Krist takes off his bass, and walks off stage, in front of the taper. It must have been really hot in the club, as Kurt takes off his flannel shirt about half way through the set, and ends up in a SubPop tshirt. At the end of the show, Kurt uses his guitar to produce some feedback. Krist sits down and watches Kurt for a short while. Then he gets up and jumps into Chad's drums, disappearing from view. By this time, Kurt has jumped into the audience and is trying to get them to deposit him back on the stage. He manages to get back, but Krist and Chad still have not appeared as they are still buried / stuck under the drums. Kurt offers them a hand, but they manage to disentangle themselves and don't need his help.

Kurt sings 4/17/90 Montreal, Quebec
Foufounes Electronique
15m, pro

Floyd the Barber / Love Buzz / Dive / Scoff

Quality: Beautiful pro shot video! This is multicamera, though most of the shots are from the front. During Dive the camera operator zooms in and out quickly for a short while. There are some cool overhead shots of the band. The lighting of the venue is very uneven. There are beautiful close up shots of Kurt, some semi-well lit shots of Krist, and the typical shot of Chad - you can't see him, but the drums are well lit! This is circulating in low generations.

Notes: Kurt falls on the floor for his solo during Dive. The band seems to be having a good time. Though short, this is a very nice video. There even appears to be a smoke machine at work behind Kurt.

5/6/90 Atlanta, GA video #1
The Masquerade
1 camera semi-pro

Love Buzz/ Floyd The Barber/ Scoff/ Dive/ School/ Spank Thru/ Breed/ About A Girl/ Big Cheese/ Molly's Lips/ Polly/ Here She Comes Now/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Negative Creep/ Blew

Quality: Really bad quality on this one. It's pretty generated. This is the show from the camera with the fish eye lense that is used in the 2 camera video. This footage was shot by Subpop. There are glitches all through the video.

Notes: Many people thought this was thought to be an audience tape, as the taper is at the edge of the left side of the stage for much of the video. However, this is the entire show shot from the fisheye pro video camera.

5/6/90 Atlanta, GA video #2
The Masquerade
2 camera semi-pro

Love Buzz/ Floyd The Barber/ Scoff/ Dive/ School/ Spank Thru/ Breed/ About A Girl/ Big Cheese/ Molly's Lips/ Polly/ Here She Comes Now/ Been A Son/ Stain/ Negative Creep/ Blew

Quality: Much better than the single camera video. This video has footage from two cameras edited together

Notes: Kurt is pretty energetic, krist does a lot of talking.

Kurt sings 08/24/90 Seattle, WA
Moore Theatre
40m, aud or semi-pro

Love Buzz / Scoff / Floyd the Barber / Dive / In Bloom / About a Girl / School / Spank Thru / Lithium / Been a Son / Blew

Quality: The video is highly generated, resulting in irregular color (which sometimes becomes black and white), and lines in the picture. This is shot from the balcony on the left side of the venue. There are no obstructions. The typical shot in this video includes the band and the entire stage although there are also some closer shots, especially of Kurt.
This appears to have been shot with a camera with special effects, maybe by someone with the band or Subpop. The various effects used are slow motion, freezing a picture but with the live shot continueing, and a split screen where one side is a frozen image, while the other side is live. The taper sometimes doesn't focus well. The sound is pretty good, with nice clear vocals. My understanding is that the audio circulating in trading circles comes from this video.

Notes: This video is from the short tour that Nirvana did with Dale Crover, of the Melvins, on drums. The hometown crowd is very enthusiastic. There are cuts in a few songs. The cut in Lithium looks like maybe it was made somewhere in the dubbing chain when someone shut off their vcr while making a copy. Anyone else have a copy like this, or is it just mine? At the end of the show, Kirst dances around the stage, and Dale bounces his sticks off his drums into the audience.

Kurt 10/25/90 Leeds, England
65m, aud

Blew / Been a Son / Negative Creep / Stain / Lithium / Spank Thru / Breed / Floyd the Barber / Big Cheese / About a Girl / In Bloom / Scoff / Mollys Lips / Love Buzz / D7 / Dive / Sliver / School

Quality: This is a really nice video. The taper shot this from the audience, at the front of the stage slightly to the left of Krist. He frames the shots well, and keeps the focus crisp. There are nice close shots of the band. There aren't any obstructions, although at one point a stage diver heads the tapers way. There are good low generation copieds of this circulating.

Notes: The video is nicely shot, and the band is playing well. But this video is notable for the incredible amount of stage divers. They are totally out of control. There is a continuous line of people running by Kurt and diving off the stage. During Floyd, one of them runs into Kurt, and knocks his guitar strap off. Then his mic gets knocked over.
But the strangest thing happens during Big Cheese. A stage diver comes up behind Kurt, puts his arm around him, and grabs Kurt's arm. It looks like he's trying to rip Kurt's guitar off. Kurt gets the guy off him, and then tries to hit the kid with his guitar. The kid jumps off stage, and Kurt looks over at Krist, shaking his head like he can't believe it.
The stage divers are so into the stage diving, they don't even care about the band. They bang into Krist, they band into Kurt, they don't care. They knock Kurts mic over again in Scoff. In Sliver, someone jumps off Kurts monitor, and knocks it over. At several points in the show, a kid crawls up on stage and says something to Krist. Krist points at him, and then points for the kid to get back in the crowd. When the same kid comes up later in the set, Kurt tries to knock him back into the crowd with his guitar.