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Unknown Jam 1991.11.25 #2

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This jam was performed during the 1991.11.25 VPRO radio session (2 Meter Sessie) in Holland, which was available for streaming at the VPRO website temporarily in November 2002. It is roughly 9:18 in length.

Kurt's line, "I Stand Horrified," is likely a reference to a song by the same name by Daniel Johnston.

It is commonly mislabelled as "Rythm [sic] of the Wheel" because of the file name someone on the NFC gave it after downloading the RM stream from the VPRO website back when they had it up.

(Thanks to DN members Old Age 03, Rottentanx, and Chris Richardsone for their input.)


Alternate/Working Titles
None Documented

Common Mislabels
Rythm of the Wheel

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None Documented

Interpretation #1 - by DN member pe9er

Kurt Cobain: "Isn't that three?
do you want to try that other song, that we did first?
ehm, the other bit?

we're gonna do that first song over again...


Krist Novoselic/Dave Grohl?: "Horrified."

Kurt Cobain: "I stand HORRIFIED
Are you recording?"

Krist Novoselic/Dave Grohl?: "A bit slower."

(Unknown lyrics to the jam.)

Interpretation #2 - by DN member Wishkah

(Dave Grohl is doing the drum beat for "Beeswax.")

Kurt Cobain: "Do you wanna try that other song that we did we did first.....ehmm... for the hell of it?"

(Then Kurt plays the riff from "Help Me - I'm Hungry.")

Kurt Cobain: "We're gonna do that first song over again.......Krist?"

(Then they start with the unknown jam.)

Dave Grohl? (in a weird voice): "Horrified! I stand horrified!"

Kurt Cobain: "Are we recording?"

Krist Novoselic: "A little slower!"

(Unknown lyrics to the jam.)

(Wishkah says, "I still think it's Dave, especially the way his voice kinda cracks up on the last 'horrified,' but I guess it could be Kurt.")

(DN member Jeremy Little notes that it is actually Kurt saying "I stand horrified!" Kurt said the same thing in the 'horror movies,' and did so with the same weird voice.)

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