Supercolossal Big Muff

Small Clone (SC-NR-007)
HUB East Ballroom, University of Washington - Seattle, WA United States 01-06-90
Total CD Time 46:54 / 15 Tracks
Matrix: SC-NR-007 23934X IFPI L602
Additional Artwork
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1) Scoff 4:17
2) Floyd The Barber 2:25
3) Love Buzz 3:23
4) Dive 4:08
5) Polly 2:28
6) School 3:25
7) Big Cheese 3:30
8) Sappy 3:23
9) Spank Thru 3:29
10) Molly's Lips 2:24
11) About A Girl 2:51
12) Breed 3:25
13) Been A Son 2:18
14) Negative Creep 2:32
15) Blew 2:51
Supercolossal Big Muff

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  94%

Nirvana Bootography Review:
This is a pretty good show. The sound is an "A" soundboard recording, however the source has a few spots where it fades or messes up occasionally. It's enough to mention, but not enough to really mess up the disc. There's nothing extraordinary about the show... good energy but no real rarities (Molly's Lips is always nice), it IS one of a few soundboard recordings of this quality from this era.

Super Colossal Big Muff is another one of those Small Clone releases... excellent recording, the only commercial bootleg release of the show, and very tough to find. If you come across one of these, consider yourself very lucky, and pick it up.

In May of 2002 this disc was repressed, making the title much easier to find. My understanding is that the new title was produced by at least ONE person involved with the original Small Clone label, which is why the new disc is being classified as a "repressing" instead of a "clone". It's obvious that this repressing was created from a first pressing CD and not the original cover artwork used to create the first pressing. The most recent pressing can easily be distinguished from the much rarer earlier pressing by looking at the following attributes:

1. "IFPI L602" is missing from the repressed discs matrix.

2. The artwork on the repressed disc is of thin paper-stock, the original pressing contains artwork on a much stiffer paper-stock of nearly poster-board consistency.

3. The repressed disc contains no text on the top of the CD, it's completely black. The original disc contains:
"Small Clone"
"Hub Ballroom"

This text is impossible to replicate by copying the original CD and is not visible in scans. The text on the original pressing can only be viewed with a strong light source.

4. The silver ink on the original pressing could not be duplicated with the repressing. The repressing text could be described as a light gray color.

If you are planning on acquiring the original pressing of this CD, it is very important that you pay attention to these factors. The original pressing is MUCH more difficult to find is is highly sought after by serious collectors.

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"Breed" Labeled As "Bleed"
"Sappy" Labeled As "Verce Chorus Verse"

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