Fire Extinguisher

No Label (Laura-002)
Nakano Sunplaza - Tokyo Japan 02-19-92
Total CD Time 60:09 / 16 Tracks
Matrix: QSEEIUOP 657098 TTU (96072111)
Additional Artwork
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1) Negative Creep 2:53
2) Been A Son 2:20
3) On A Plain 3:12
4) Blew 3:37
5) Come As You Are 3:43
6) Lithium 4:53
7) Breed 2:52
8) Sliver 2:01
9) Drain You 3:37
10) About A Girl 3:40
11) School 2:49
12) Aneurysm 4:25
13) Love Buzz 4:37
14) Polly 2:58
15) Territorial Pissings 3:59
16) Smells Like Teen Spirit 8:25
Fire Extinguisher

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  98%
Average Reader Rating: 90%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 90% - Submitted by masterorb on 2000.12.01  12:59:28 AM

A good quality disc, but the band's energy isn't there as much as one would like. It's kind of quiet and dead at some points. However, Love Buzz on this disc is TERRIFIC. They cut the intro in half and it is really powerful -- the standout song at this show. "Drinking cow sperm" in School is a close second; Dave yelling in his robot voice at the end is also a hoot.

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