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Pukkelpop Festival - Hasselt Belgium 08-25-91
Total CD Time 34:24 / 11 Tracks
Matrix: N 25891
Additional Artwork
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1) Polly 3:02
2) School 2:35
3) Sliver 2:14
4) Drain You 3:47
5) Come As You Are 3:31
6) Floyd The Barber 2:25
7) Love Buzz 4:00
8) Been A Son 2:17
9) Negative Creep 2:29
10) Blew 3:25
11) Endless, Nameless 4:39
Digital Nirvana

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  98%
Average Reader Rating: 86%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 92% - Submitted by jaffenlarssonth on 2002.03.04  12:38:42 AM

Nice but not the best boot in the world. Nice artwork, look like Wishkah but in blue... Try to find it...

Rating: 80% - Submitted by Payedtobeplayed on 2002.09.01  03:38:44 PM

I bought this cd rather expensively, mainly due to the awesome reviews it got. I was REALLY disappointed. Despite the quite disappointing art work, which is basically like Wishkah but blue, it also says it's a digital soundboard recording I think not! I also think that it's depressingly short a little over 35 minutes. Couldn't they have slapped something else on here? Like on the eternal legacy, they gave us the peel sessions. Also it's a pretty boring set. The come as you are is nice, and that's about it. Blew, which is usually one of my favourite tracks, left me feeling a little flat, and the 4 minute endless nameless. Overall, I'm sorry but I don't recommend this cd. I mean, some people have obviously enjoyed it, but I think it's pretty disappointing. I can only recommend this cd if you can find it cheaply. Otherwise definatly don't bother.

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