Sounds Good Mate (9505-4)
Velez Sarsfield Stadium - Buenos Aires Argentina 10-30-92
Total CD Time 57:01 / 18 Tracks
Matrix: SGM 9505-4 A3 (9391)
Additional Artwork
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1) Breed 2:49
2) Drain You 3:42
3) Beeswax 2:54
4) Spank Thru 3:12
5) School 2:38
6) Come As You Are 3:37
7) Lithium 4:06
8) Lounge Act 2:39
9) Sliver 2:22
10) About A Girl 3:44
11) Polly 3:00
12) Bass Solo 3:12
13) In Bloom 4:09
14) Territorial Pissings 3:27
15) Been A Son 2:33
16) On A Plain 2:56
17) Negative Creep 2:39
18) Blew 3:12

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  98%
Average Reader Rating: 92%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 80% - Submitted by decampos on 2003.02.09  01:52:18 PM

Reading all the reviews to this show you'd think it was a complete and blatant display of anarchy where the audience was punished with a chaotic onslaught of anger and noise. To me, It sounds like that wasn't really the case. People who paid to see Nirvana that night pretty much got their money's worth. There's some dicking around but they performed most of their standard set-list of the time fairly well and fairly sincerely too. So they didn't play Smells Like Teen Spirit - they didn't play that at lots of shows. As for comments to the effect of '[Kurt] screws around with the opening chords to let Dave and Krist know what he wants to play next ...' all he's doing there is what he did at lots of shows; trying to remember exactly how to play the song. Kurt often said he had a short term memory problem. The recording of this show is superb although Kurt's guitar sound is a little too muddy for my liking. His voice is very strong and the overall mix is very good. I recommend this bootleg. (you could do a lot worse).

Rating: 98% - Submitted by Javier Diaz on 2003.04.02  06:37:41 PM

This bootleg is actually considerably better than 'A Higher State of Mind', it's more complete (About a girl doesn't cut in, apart from the things Mitch mentions), sounds slightly better, has less hiss and doesn't have the small skips the KTS disc has.

Rating: 99% - Submitted by juwanatoke on 2003.03.01  09:50:00 AM

This is my favorite of all time. It's good tunes, yet it's amusing that the crowd didn't have a clue they were being screwed with. My favorite is that "spectacular" bass solo.

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