Blind Pig

Cocomelos Records (CM001)
Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI United States 04-10-90
Total CD Time 45:10 / 13 Tracks
Matrix: CM 001 PHC
Additional Artwork
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1) Floyd The Barber 2:52
2) Love Buzz 4:27
3) Dive 4:06
4) Spank Thru 3:21
5) Breed 3:29
6) About A Girl 3:38
7) Big Cheese 3:35
8) Scoff 4:53
9) Molly's Lips 3:07
10) Stain 2:33
11) Been A Son 1:58
12) Negative Creep 3:42
13) Blew 3:20
Blind Pig

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  94%
Average Reader Rating: 86%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 75% - Submitted by Anders Leirvik IV on 2002.07.02  05:02:35 AM

DN should have two sets of grades for each disc, one for sound quality, and one for the show/ what actually is on the disc. This disc has good quality, but it is, in my opinion, a boring show. I hardly ever listen to it. But, compared to other 1990 shows (I haven't hears many though), this isn't as bad. I don't know how to explain it, but there is a bit more energy here, it's not all bad. All songs are good versions of the songs. Recommended for all collectors really, but if you still don't have all the Outcesticides/ rare songs, search around for those a bit more, and get back to this disc later. The highlight is a short guitar "solo" before Love Buzz (I think). Sad to say it.

Rating: 98% - Submitted by MN Rocker on 2003.09.03  09:30:38 AM

This show is nothing short of Awesome! The band seems to be really into it & the crowd is really into it as well. When I listen to this CD I can feel the passion of the whole atmosphere, not just Kurt & the band. It sounds like a pretty intelligent audience for a Nirvana show in 1990. I can hear some people yelling " Negative Creep!, Negative Creep!" during parts of the show. When the band finally plays Negative Creep the crowd yells & screams with delight. Right after that song you can hear someone in the distance screaming f-bombs about something (a camera I think). Then someone closer to the microphone says "That guy has some problems". All in all I think it's an Awesome show with a good sounding audience recording. In fact I would put the sound & performance right up there with "Stiff Drinks". It's too bad that there are only 13 tracks, but they are all gems!

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