Tribute To Kurt Cobain Vol. 1 - Live Memorial In Japan

No Label (TTKKS001)
Kokusai Koryu Center - Osaka Japan 02-14-92
Total CD Time 62:38 / 18 Tracks
Matrix: NG800B
Additional Artwork
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1) Negative Creep 3:17
2) Been A Son 2:15
3) On A Plain 3:03
4) Something In The Way 3:26
5) Blew 2:59
6) Come As You Are 3:42
7) Lithium 4:54
8) Breed 3:08
9) Territorial Pissings 2:12
10) Sliver 2:18
11) About A Girl 2:57
12) School 2:38
13) Aneurysm 4:21
14) Love Buzz 4:13
15) Polly 2:42
16) Lounge Act 2:44
17) Drain You 4:02
18) Smells Like Teen Spirit 7:38
Tribute To Kurt Cobain Vol. 1 - Live Memorial In Japan

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Average Reader Rating: 75%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 75% - Submitted by Kirby on 2002.12.04  08:24:26 PM

While the set list for this cd is of high quality, the recording is poor, and you get that really auditorium sound with a bit of echo. Further, of all the bootleg Cd's I have seen this one takes the cake! A fairly dodgy inner sleeve plus, the cd has the words 'FOR SALE' printed on it. Also, misspellings such as been a soon and mislabels such as grandma take me home as opposed to sliver (but you all knew that right) add to the not quite authentic nature of this cd. Thats enough bitchin though, the cd does have some great songs and its a really energetic performance, with plenty for the die hard Nirvana fans!

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Kokusai Koryu Center - Osaka Japan 02-14-92
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