A Season In Hell Part 1 Disc 1

Banzai (BZBX 054)
The Off Ramp Cafe - Seattle, WA United States 11-25-90
Total CD Time 66:58 / 19 Tracks
Matrix: BZBX054
Additional Artwork
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1) Aneurysm 5:00
2) Oh, The Guilt 3:26
3) Mr. Moustache 3:25
4) Stay Away (Pay To Play) 3:30
5) Breed 2:59
6) Floyd The Barber 2:10
7) About A Girl 1:52
8) Verse Chorus Verse 4:06
9) In Bloom 3:37
10) Swap Meet 2:57
11) Been A Son 2:10
12) Stain 1:52
13) Blew 4:06
14) Sappy 3:37
15) Lithium 3:54
16) School 2:43
17) D-7 4:41
18) Here She Comes Now 4:40
19) Sliver 3:40
A Season In Hell Part 1 Disc 1

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  96%
Average Reader Rating: 95%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 95% - Submitted by Edward Solaris on 2000.11.26  12:10:24 AM

This is a very solid show from shortly after Dave joined the band. The early versions of the Nevermind songs are cool but the real treat for me is the Bleach songs played with Dave's power and precision. The version of Sappy (VCV) is the best I've ever heard next to the No Alt. version and this show contains some of Kurdt's best-ever solos. Here She Comes Now & In His Hands are also very good. The sound quality of the cd varies from song to song (the louder songs get lost in a sea of cymbals & distortion) but this is easily my favorite audience-recorded show.

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"Verse Chorus Verse" Labeled As "Token Eastern Song"

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