Grunge Is Dead

Seattle Sounds (SSCD001)
Compilation / Various
Total CD Time 73:54 / 21 Tracks
Matrix: SSCD 001
Additional Artwork
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1) Love Buzz 3:44
2) Spank Thru 3:19
3) Hairspray Queen 4:10
4) If You Must 4:08
5) Downer 1:39
6) 5:14
7) Blew 2:47
8) Dive 3:56
9) Lithium 4:09
10) Sappy 3:23
11) Polly 2:47
12) In Bloom 4:23
13) Breed 3:05
14) Stay Away (Pay To Play) 3:22
15) Dazed And Confused 4:20
16) Smells Like Teen Spirit 3:11
17) Territorial Pissings 3:07
18) Heart-Shaped Box 4:57
19) Rape Me 3:04
20) I Hate Myself And Want To Die 2:38
21) Sappy 2:31
Grunge Is Dead

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  95%
Average Reader Rating: 96%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 95% - Submitted by Tim Bucknall on 2002.06.06  06:52:48 PM

a pretty good compilation really track 1 is the 7" mix of love buzz and this is the only place you'll find it on CD track 2 is a perfect "Spank thru" (11/6/88) from the sup pop 200 compilation tracks 3,4 &5 are brilliant they're are all in good quality tracks and this is the best commercial source for If You must & hairspray queen it's the only "on-speed" version i've heard on a commercial release so you can finally enjoy it's true magnificence! tracks 6&7 are from the 24/12/88 sessions sadly they are both too fast: which is a real shame as sifting jam is marginally more complete here including as it does a false start it's also rather muddy, get Christmas in seattle 1988 for the best version of this blew can be found at it's correct speed on Outcesticide 4 and "the Bleach sessions" next up is dive- this is a perfect quality recording worthy of a geffen release sadly the next 6 tracks from the smart studio sessions are too fast try to get hold of "murder by guitar" or the remastered version of "outcesticide 1" which will give you all of these except lithium and in Bloom in perfect quality it's a pity that these tracks are too fast as these versions of Lithium( not mix 6 or 7) and In Bloom (not the video mix) have not surfaced at the correct speed disc 2 of "hollywood rock festival" has these 2 tracks at a slightly better speed but they're still slightly too fast next up is dazed and confused ,it's a good quality recording from a common concert- no problem with that at all the next 4 tracks are tv appearances, all in very high quality SLTS and Territorial Pissings are slightly more complete that the versions on outcesticide 4 and the 2 SNL tracks are slightly more complete than the versions on "Noose" including the hosts introductions track 20 is "I hate myself and i want to die" a perfect commercial quality recording-nice! track 21 is verse chorus verse -formerly know as sappy again perfect commercial sound quality, but my version of this cd is the incomplete european pressing which fades out the track at 2:21 or so i would highly recommend this compilation

Rating: 96% - Submitted by BleachedBlack on 2002.07.30  03:51:26 PM

Grunge is dead is an excellent compilation of unreleased tracks and live stuff. We start off with Love Buzz – an unremixed version, which sounds much clearer than the version released on Bleach. We then have Spank Thru – the first ever nirvana song, which is actually pretty good. Following that we have a collection of unremixed stuff from the bleach sessions, including an instrumental sifting “jam” which is pretty pointless. Next is Blew, which is one of my favourite nirvana tracks, and this is an excellent version, with speeded up vocals and different guitar and bass lines. Next there is another handful of un-remixed tracks with different lyrics, nearly all of which are from Nevermind and they are all of brilliant quality. Most noteworthy are a good playing of Polly, Sappy and an excellent Breed. An embryonic Stay Away follows, in the form of Pay to Play, which is good. Following another jam in the figure of Dazed and Confused, there are 4 live tracks – the famous version of Smells Like Teen Spirit from TOTP, Territorial Pissings from the Jonathan Ross show, and heart-shaped box and Rape Me from SNL. We finish off with I Hate Myself and I Want To Die from the In Utero demos, and Sappy, which is not actually the Verse Chorus Verse version of the song. Overall, an excellent bootleg that is highly recommended. A. **On some versions of this CD the actual cd is uncoloured with plain black writing**

Rating: 97% - Submitted by Payedtobeplayed on 2002.08.31  07:20:44 PM

Grunge Is Dead is an awesome compilation. It has excellent quality all the way through – it’s like Outcesticide!!!!! It starts off with the original version of Love Buzz from the single, with the 'Montage Of Heck' opening. I don’t know what it is but it sounds clearer than the Bleach version – the bass is brought further forward into the mix and his voice is clearer. After that it's Spank Thru. This is probably the best known recording of the song, and the easiest to find outside of the sub pop 200 comp. After that we go into a huge amount of demos. We start off with Hairspray Queen – which is played at a decent speed. Then It's 'The Extreme', followed by Sifting jam – I like the actual song, but 5 minutes instrumental is overly long. It would've got the same mark had it been clipped. Then it's Blew. People can complain all they want about this being sped up – I think it’s a pretty awesome version. Following that is Dive. Awesome quality. And I think it's a better version than Dive on Incesticide. Then there's Lithium. Sadly, I don't know whether this was the intention or not, but there's a noticeable hiss whenever 'Cos Today' is said. The it's Sappy. I still don't get why this wasn’t released on Nevermind – It could easily have been a contender to the position of Teen Spirit or Lithium. Then it's Polly. On this version you can hear Kurt's guitar beautifully. It's much better than the Nevermind version. Following that are In Bloom (which is probably the same as the Outcesticide II version) and Breed, which is played a fast pace. Then there's the dazed and confused jam. Why not play the song? The we have some TV show appearances. The Territorial Pissings is definitely the best of the bunch. We finish off with the awesome 'I Hate Myself & I Want To Die' and an edited 'Verse Chorus Verse'. Overall, this is one of my favourite bootlegs ever. Awesome sound quality and a really good batch of songs. The artwork is also so good it could be an official release. Highest recommendation.

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"If You Must" Labeled As "The Extreme"
"Sappy" Labeled As "Verse Chorus Verse"

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