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Foufounes Électriques - Montreal, QC Canada 04-17-90
Total CD Time 56:23 / 15 Tracks
Matrix: N 17490
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1) Intro 1:41
2) School 2:36
3) Floyd The Barber 2:23
4) Love Buzz 3:38
5) Dive 4:07
6) Scoff 4:09
7) About A Girl 2:44
8) Breed 3:31
9) Spank Thru 3:17
10) In Bloom 5:06
11) Big Cheese 5:35
12) Molly's Lips 3:09
13) Been A Son 2:04
14) Stain 3:33
15) Negative Creep 2:31
16) Blew 6:19

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  98%
Average Reader Rating: 94%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 91% - Submitted by bill rice on 2001.06.14  06:54:28 PM

This is a hilarious show marred by an average audience recording. The "soundboard quality" advertised on the cover is a definite pipe dream. Don't get me wrong, for an audience recording this isn't too bad, but it's definitely NOT a soundboard. Some parts are overdriven or "static-y" because of the recording. If it wasn't for the dialogue I wouldn't recommend this to the casual collector. As it stands, this is a good disc to own but not a great one.

1) The disc starts off with Krist saying, "it's Don Cornelios and you're gonna go for a ride on the Sooooouuuul Train!" Then Krist and Kurt jam a little. Kurt says, "no that's Jethro Bodine!" There's an extended intro to SCHOOL like they played at many pre-Nevermind shows. I like this one a lot better, though, because Kurt doesn't scream during it.
2) They play SCHOOL, of course. Here is one instance where the vocals become overdriven because of the recording. It's a shame. After the song, Kurt says "thank you" in a funny voice, like he's in pain or trying to use the bathroom. ;)
3) Next is FLOYD THE BARBER. They play with a lot of passion on this song. It sounds great.
4) Then they play LOVE BUZZ. After the song, Krist launches into a humorous little speech, one of many for this show. He starts off by announcing that they've "got a new song for ya! It could be on our next record." Someone in the audience yells out for Negative Creep, to which Krist replies, "What do you think I am, Neil Shawn or something? Where do you think you're at, the Coliseum? Smoke a joint and drink some red wine and drive away in your muscle car."
5) They launch into DIVE. This is a blistering performance of this song. They fool around a little after the song, probably just tuning up or something.
6) Next up is SCOFF, and another blistering performance it is. At one point, it sounds like Kurt says, "in your lies I'm not worth it." But i could just be hearing things. ;) It's a shame the version on Bleach isn't this powerful. Kurt's scream at the end is spine-tingling.
7) They play ABOUT A GIRL next. This sounds faster than the studio version. I love the guitar on this one. After the song, Kurt says "this is another new song."
8) They play IMODIUM next though the lyrics aren't that different from what became BREED. The lines are a little mixed up though. At the end of the song, Krist says "you know sometimes I just don't know how to begin to thank you." Then it sounds like he says something about Sub Pop 200 but I couldn't make it out. Anyone know what he said?
9) Spank Thru is played next. This one also sounds faster than the studio version. Kurt's scream of "yeah!" after the first verse (or intro, however you want to look at it) causes static in the recording as though the mic used to record the show became overdriven. Kurt announces, "this is another new song!"
10) They play IN BLOOM. I've always loved Kurt's vocals on this song, and they sound as good as ever on this version. Great solo too. After the song is over, someone in the audience yells for Swap Meet. There's a weird drum and guitar jam on here, then they launch into...
11) BIG CHEESE. Again, Kurt's vocals sound messed up in the beginning of the song when he first shouts "big cheese!" After the song, Krist launches into a hilarious "tirade" about drugs. He starts off talking in a cartoon mexican voice: "I smell something... It smells funny... I told you kids about that stuff!... You want that to lead to harder stuff or something?... Do you want to become DOPE ADDICTS?!... Do you want to become antisocial and worship satan?" (The audience shouts "yeah!" Guess they really wanted to become antisocial and worship the devil...) Krist: "Do you want to sit in your room all night?" Then in a regular voice he says, "this is a cover song. You guys should become captain of your football team. Cuz that's the right way." Chad says, really fast, "gonna do a cover song, cover song, cover song, gonna do a cover song by a band called the vaselines!" Krist starts fooling around with his bass. Then he starts in again, saying, in a hill billy preacher voice, "I used to be just like you. I used to be messed up on all kinds of drugs. Since I found the Lord Jesus Christ my life has made a complete turn around. Talk about your personal relationship with the lord Jesus, halelujah!" Chad says, "thank you, reverend, for those nice words." But Krist continues, "send your checks and money orders to p.o. box 2001 Nashville, Tennessee." They jam for a few moments.
12) Then they launch into MOLLY'S LIPS. After the song, Kurt, in an Elvis Presley voice, says, "thank you! Thank you very much!" (What is it with all the impersonations?) Krist asks, "are you some kinda rasta man? Jah! Jah!" Kurt says something in a weird munchkin voice. Krist continues: "After smoking one marijuana cigarette Johnny freaked out and killed his family."
13) They play BEEN A SON. It sounds like maybe Chad did backing vocals on this. The chorus sounds like "she shoulda... been a son she shoulda..." with the word "son" and the word "she" almost overlapping.
14) They go right into STAIN next. After the song, Kurt screams in a womans voice, "thanks!" Kurt jams on the guitar and Krist says, "it's all just rock and roll. We all love each other."
15) They play a cool version of NEGATIVE CREEP next.
16) Kurt jams on the guitar in an almost Dead Kennedys style. Then he says "thanks for coming. Good night and God bless." They end with BLEW, of course. There's an extended ending where they destroy their instruments, or at least the drum set. Kurt plays the guitar in a "rock" kinda way, like Eddie Van Halen or something.

This is a great show with just an adequite audience recording. It's a shame this isn't a soundboard but the sound won't hurt your ears either. It could have been better but I've heard a lot worse. Definitely a must have for the dialogue alone.

Rating: 98% - Submitted by KurtDonaldCobain on 2002.05.08  03:27:11 PM

It is a great performence and the band sounds great. If you see this cd GET IT

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