Nirvana Is In Our Mind

No Label (NIR01)
Markthalle - Hamburg Germany 11-11-91
Total CD Time 75:28 / 24 Tracks
Matrix: NIRV 1
Additional Artwork
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1) Spank Thru 3:02
2) About A Girl 2:38
3) Love Buzz 3:19
4) Polly 2:36
5) Son Of A Gun 2:49
6) Turnaround 2:21
7) D-7 3:49
8) Molly's Lips 1:52
9) Sappy 3:24
10) Lithium 4:11
11) Breed 3:05
12) In Bloom 4:28
13) Stay Away 3:23
14) Drain You 4:21
15) Come As You Are 3:30
16) School 2:32
17) Floyd The Barber 2:40
18) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:52
19) About A Girl 2:40
20) Polly 2:59
21) Breed 3:15
22) Been A Son 2:02
23) Negative Creep 2:37
24) On A Plain 2:52
Nirvana Is In Our Mind

Nirvana Bootography Rating: - This disc has not yet been rated.
Average Reader Rating: 35%

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 35% - Submitted by Sven Coburn on 2001.03.02  03:13:04 PM

Well, a 35 rating might be generous. It sounds pretty bad. For example, Son of a Gun is the exact song found on Incesticide, but somehow on this CD it sounds 10 times worse, no exaggeration. Sappy is the same as the #19 Sappy on Outcestide I, but once again, sounds 10 times worse. Stay Away is actually Pay to Play, found on DGC Rarities, and do I even have to say it again? Unfortunately, the studio tracks are a treat compared to the live tracks. The quality is atrocious. You can't even hear the guitar. It didn't help the cause that the bootlegger was sitting next to, (or maybe with), a bunch of obnoxious, drunk, loud-talking peons. As for the number on the cover, I guess that makes it some limited edition or something, because mine is number 487. Not limited enough though, because I found a copy and had the displeasure of hearing it. Don't buy this unless your're wacky.

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"Spank Thru" Labeled As "Spains Trough"
"D-7" Labeled As "Dee Seven"
"Sappy" Labeled As "Everything And Nothing"
"Been A Son" Labeled As "She Should"

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