Label: Black Cat Records
Catalog Number:  (BC-26)
Recorded performance:  02-01-92 - The Palace (all ages show) - Melbourne Australia
Recorded performance:  01-30-92 - Thebarton Theatre - Adelaide Australia

Disc 1 Runtime:  22:56 / 7 Tracks
Matrix: 214810 R0C (BC-26A)
Disc 2 Runtime:  72:40 / 21 Tracks
Matrix: 126881 R0D (BC-26B)

Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) About A Girl 2:59
02) Come As You Are 3:35
03) Breed 3:03
04) Polly 2:53
05) Lounge Act 2:44
06) Love Buzz 3:25
07) Lithium 4:15
Disc 2
01) Aneurysm 5:13
02) Drain You 3:47
03) School 3:02
04) Sliver 2:46
05) About A Girl 2:58
06) Breed 2:51
07) Come As You Are 3:51
08) Lithium 5:18
09) Polly 2:48
10) Lounge Act 2:40
11) Negative Creep 2:55
12) Been A Son 2:01
13) Blew 3:15
14) On A Plain 4:06
15) Something In The Way 3:26
16) Stain 2:48
17) Smells Like Teen Spirit 5:25
18) Distortion Jam 2:29
19) Love Buzz 3:41
20) Territorial Pissings 3:39
21) Interview With Krist & Dave 3:41
Down Under '92

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  92%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Down Under '92 is one of the more unique bootlegs that a collector will find. It was pressed in 1992 in Australia for a short period of time. The second disc was later re-issued as "From The Muddy Banks Of The Murray" (the spine of this reissue says "Down Under"). If the discs in this set were graded by themselves, disc one would receive a "C" because it's incredibly short, and disc two would get a low "A-" rating because of it's average sound quality. The sum of these discs and the outstanding packaging are greater than the individual parts, thus garnering an "A" rating for the overall set.

The 2-1-92 Triple J broadcast is comparable in sound quality to what you will find on other discs of this date. Fortunately, "Lounge Act" happens to be one of the seven tracks. It's puzzling that disc one is less than 25 minutes, it wouldn't have been difficult to add some decent filler. The Triple-J radio broadcast (2-1-92) can be found on several other discs.

he 1-30-92 show is an average audience recording and the bass tends to become muffled or over-driven at times. Disc two and it's reissue "From The Muddy Banks Of The Murray" are the only two commercial releases of this show. There isn't much talk during the performance. Dave comments that Steven King says Adelaide is the scariest city in the world. Krist mentions that there is devil worship in the foothills. "Lounge Act" is very out of tune. Crowd noise is what you would expect from an average audience recording except during "Something In The Way", which is interrupted by a woman talking. The setlist is nice. Shows from 1992 are always nice, but you can find better sounding recordings of dates close to this one. The interview clips (from 01/25/92), are a nice touch at the end of the disc.

This set isn't for the beginning collector. The fact that it wasn't pressed in large quantities and it's unusual packaging make "Down Under '92" a nice set to own.

"Love Buzz" Labeled As "Lovebuzz"

Mislabels - Disc 2 :
"Aneurysm" Labeled As "Aneirism"
"Love Buzz" Labeled As "Lovebuzz"

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