Label: Ultra Records
Catalog Number:  (NIR3)
Recorded performance:  Compilation / Various
Recorded performance:  04-17-87 - KAOS Olympia Community Radio - Olympia, WA United States

Runtime: 70:22 / 24 Tracks
Matrix: NIR3CD
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Son Of A Gun
02) Molly's Lips
03) D-7
04) Turnaround
05) Downer
06) Floyd The Barber
07) Paper Cuts
08) Mr. Moustache
09) Sifting
10) Even In His Youth
11) Polly
12) Blew
13) Love Buzz
14) Floyd The Barber
15) Downer
16) Mexican Seafood
17) White Lace And Strange
18) Spank Thru
19) Suicide Samurai
20) Hairspray Queen
21) Pen Cap Chew
22) Drain You
23) About A Girl
24) Bambi Slaughter
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 3

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: B  85%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This is a decent compilation disc. The sound sources are generally as good as you'll find elsewhere. Some of the tracks can be found on common official releases (tracks 1, 2, 4) and most can be found on other compilation discs, but there are still a few nuggets and the sound quality is good.

The highlights of the disc are probably Even In His Youth from the 1989 Fisk session and the KAOS demo tracks (13 - 21). The KAOS demo tracks have all of the between song banter cut and isn't as enjoyable as Outcesticide V. All the same, these are tracks that you won't find on many other compilation discs and there's a chance it can fill a niche in your collection.

Disc was submitted to the Nirvana Bootography for review and scans by "dumb" of the DN forums!

"D-7" Labeled As "DEE SEVEN"
"Bambi Slaughter" Labeled As "Bambi Kill"

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04-17-87 - KAOS Olympia Community Radio - Olympia, WA United States
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