LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: Outcesticide V - Disintegration

Label: Blue Moon Records
Catalog Number:  (BMCD98)
Recorded performance:  Compilation / Various
Recorded performance:  04-17-87 - KAOS Olympia Community Radio - Olympia, WA United States
Recorded performance:  01-10-92 - MTV Studios - New York, NY United States

Runtime: 71:46 / 22 Tracks
Matrix: BMCD 98
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Asking For It 4:28
02) Love Buzz 3:30
03) Verse Chorus Verse 3:14
04) Lithium 4:07
05) Rape Me 2:27
06) On A Plain 2:46
07) Stain 2:23
08) School 2:50
09) Molly's Lips 1:58
10) Aneurysm 4:37
11) Love Buzz 3:53
12) Floyd The Barber 2:43
13) Downer 2:29
14) Mexican Seafood 2:54
15) White Lace And Strange 2:39
16) Spank Thru 3:26
17) Anorexorcist 3:32
18) Hairspray Queen 4:58
19) Pen Cap Chew 4:13
20) More Than A Feeling 0:56
21) My Best Friends Girl 2:24
22) You Know You're Right 5:07
Outcesticide V - Disintegration

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  98%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This is an excellent compilation disc that is equal in quality to the previous four, It first appeared in late 1998. The majority of the tracks are unreleased on other commercial bootlegs and the sound quality is superb. It might disappoint some that many tape traders already have these recordings. Blue Moon has a reputation as a pioneer in releasing unsurfaced Nirvana recordings... Blue Moon released many of them to the public first, and later reissued their discs when better quality versions surfaced. As Internet tape trading has increased in popularity, it has become difficult (if not impossible) for Blue Moon to pull out the "surprises." Uncirculated recordings spread much more quickly now than in the past. You will find a description of each track below.

1. Live Through This
The first thing a listener will hear when playing this disc is a loud "pop". Blue Moon has likely "borrowed" this Hole outtake from the Love Buzz CD. The Love Buzz version has a radio DJ who talks over the first few seconds of the song. Blue Moon has edited the first few seconds out and quickly fades into the song. The "pop" noise is probably a pressing error. This outtake has Kurt on the backing vocals. The sound is FM broadcast quality.

2. Love Buzz
This track is from the VPRO Hilversum radio session on 11/5/89. You can find "Dive" and "About a Girl" from this session on Outcesticide III. This track is unique to Outcesticide V and it sounds much better than the other two songs.

3. Verse Chorus Verse (aka "In His Hands")
From the sound check 8/17/90. This is an upgrade from the recording found on Outcesticide II. This recording is probably borrowed from the Love Buzz CD also. Excellent stereo sound.. by far the best bootleg-released recording of this song.

4. Lithium
5. Rape Me

These tracks are from the 2/9/94 show in Spain. These were the only two complete songs broadcasted and unavailable on any other commercial bootleg.

6. On A Plain
7. Stain

Tracks six and seven are the sound check to the MTV studios broadcast on 1/10/92.

8. School
9. Molly's Lips
10. Aneurysm

Tracks eight, nine and ten are the unbroadcast songs from the MTV studios performance on 1/10/92. Sound quality isn't nearly as good as versions from traders circles. These tracks are unavailable on any other commercial bootleg CD.

11. Love Buzz
12. Floyd The Barber
13. Downer
14. Mexican Seafood
15. White Lace and Strange
16. Spank Thru
17. Anorexorcist
18. Hairspray Queen
19. Pen Cap Chew

Tracks eleven through nineteen are definitely the highlight of the disc. The source is apparently the same as the one tape traders have been circulating.... it garbles a little during the "scream" in Spank Thru. The difference is that these tracks have been remastered... the majority of the hiss is gone and the noise level has been increased. While it's nothing revolutionary, these tracks are a little crisper than other KAOS versions I have heard. Surprisingly, Anorexorcist might be the best sounding track from the KAOS demos. Love buzz is very early for the band and Kurt repeats the first line twice during the beginning of the song. There appears to be a little editing between some of the tracks, but nothing "important" is missing.

20. More Than A Feeling jam
21. My Best Friends Girl
Tracks twenty and twenty-one are two clips, from 8/30/92 and 3/1/94. The sound quality is quite good.

22. You Know You're Right
This track can be found in the Season in Hell box set and Sermon on the Mount. The quality of this track appears to be a little better than those two sources, but not quite as good as copies circulated by traders. It's a nice addition that most discs neglect.

All of the recordings are of the highest quality. This compilation CD won't overlap any compilation discs you already have, so it should fit nicely into most any collection.

Most of the pressings on the market are "remastered" and counterfeited versions.
This is the second Outcesticide with a little booklet (with two staples this time), with info on the first 4 Outcesticide Blue Moon releases (not listing "Outcesticide I" but "Outcesticide I remastered version", this may or may not prove the legitimacy of that "Blue Moon" release). This is is final release of an Outcesticide by Blue Moon. This disc doesn't use the "usual" design on the discs (from 1 to 4), like "Outcesticide I remastered edition".
It is possible that "Outcesticide I remastered edition" and "Outcesticide V" were released by (a) different company(y)ies, and that ONLY the first four releases were the original Blue Moon releases.
A Scan from a planned Outcesticide VI was sent to LiveNirvana a few years ago, but the CD was never released. Lack of rarities may be a good reason for the cancellation of the title (it just didn't feature interesting things like the previous releases). The fact that the Nirvana community was also more and more efficient (LiveNirvana is the best example) and that internet "killed" official but also bootlegs / unofficial releases is also worthy of note.
The epilogue written on the booklet by Blue Moon :
"The genuine "Outcesticide" series will continue if, and when, unreleased and interesting material by Nirvana comes to light. Thank you for your patience, we hope it was worth the wait". 1997 saw no new Outcesticide release.

Is my copy an original?
Okay, be REALLY careful! Counterfeits are VERY WELL done, using great scans of the original Blue Moon CD. The matrix number can't be relied on!
Four things to check:
- the back of the booklet: is Kurt's Hair red?, this is a counterfeit (the hair is pink on the original)
- the original staples of the booklet are 1.5 cm long. Some counterfeits have staples of 1 cm.
- the first page of the booklet: if the Kurt's hair is red (the same colour of the building behind Kurt) this is a counterfeit (the hair is pink on the original).
- the inside of the inlay: if "OUTCESTICIDE V - DISINTEGRATION" is in white, this is a counterfeit (the original has the text in red).

Reader Review By "Kurl".
A very tough disc to assign a numerical rating to. Tracks 1-3 are lifted off of the common and brilliant "Love Buzz" disc, and are pretty decent. Tracks 4-10 are another matter entirely. They are plagued with significant and horrible tape hiss, as well as a high-end that is so pronounced it becomes painful at times! That really ruins a bunch of amazing performances, especially the (arguably) greatest ever performance of "Molly's Lips." Tracks 10-19 are absolutely amazing in their quality and historical value; anyone who hasn't heard "White Lace & Strange" is missing out on one of the most underrated songs Nirvana ever performed. Kurt's guitar work reached heights it never would after 1992, and the performance is extremely energetic. Tracks 20-22 are fun, even though 22 has surfaced in better quality elsewhere (not on commercial CD, though). The faults on the early tracks detract a lot from an otherwise great disc.

"You Know You're Right" Labeled As "Autopilot"
"Verse Chorus Verse" Labeled As "In His Hands"

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