Label: No Label
Catalog Number:  (Laura-002)
Recorded performance:  02-19-92 - Nakano Sunplaza - Tokyo Japan

Runtime: 60:09 / 16 Tracks
Matrix: QSEEIUOP 657098 TTU (96072111)
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Negative Creep 2:53
02) Been A Son 2:20
03) On A Plain 3:12
04) Blew 3:37
05) Come As You Are 3:43
06) Lithium 4:53
07) Breed 2:52
08) Sliver 2:01
09) Drain You 3:37
10) About A Girl 3:40
11) School 2:49
12) Aneurysm 4:25
13) Love Buzz 4:37
14) Polly 2:58
15) Territorial Pissings 3:59
16) Smells Like Teen Spirit 8:25
Fire Extinguisher

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  98%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Fire Extinguisher is slightly more complete than other discs containing this show. Fire Extinguisher contains some small dialogs (listed below) that are not found on other discs containing this date:

1) Before Smells Like Teen Spirit Krist jokes with the crowd about an end of tour speech from the heart and sings a little of Queen's "We Will Rock You".

2) At the end of the show you can hear Dave speaking through what sounds like a Megaphone "Don't Take any of this security guard shit, Kill The Security Guards. Kill Them!!" Dave was obviously poking fun at the docile Japanese audience. In the very last seconds you can hear Bear Up Bison by Shonen Knife being piped into the auditorium.

Fire Extinguisher may or may not be soundboard recording, but the sound quality has little room for improvement. The show is somewhat odd, because the band is reserved. The Japanese crowd isn't as interactive as fans from other parts of the globe.

The show is excellent and the band plays well, but the performance doesn't have the same power the band played with in the United States. There is little talk, but Dave does make reference to a Chinese remedy he had been taking lately that was made of cow sperm. Kurt then changes the words on "School" to "Drinking cow sperm again... drinking cow sperm again.. drinking cow sperm again... DRINKING COW SPERM AGAIN YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, NO RECESS!!!!".

There are two pressings of Fire Extinguisher, there is the Japanese pressing of the disc, and there is also a more common European pressing which is an excellent clone of the Japanese disc. The original Japanese disc has a "Laura" sticker on the jewel case and a matrix of: "22524X LAURA-002 IFPI L602", the European clone has the matrix "QSEEIUOP 657098 TTU (96072111)" and uses a slightly different typeset. You can also identify the Japanese pressing by the paper stock the inserts are printed on, the Japanese inserts are very thick and could be described as either cardboard or posterboard. The inserts are very glossy, similar to what you would expect to find on a digi-pack. The images (while sharp on the European clone) are very crisp and the names of the band members on the inside cover image are not the least bit blurred.

According to the "Alternative CD & Vinyl Collectors Guide," the Japanese version of this disc is extremely rare.

**Thanks to Charles Furth for catching the Shonen Knife tune.

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02-19-92 - Nakano Sunplaza - Tokyo Japan
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