Label: Cracker
Catalog Number:  (CR-11)
Recorded performance:  12-28-88 - Hollywood Underground - Seattle, WA United States

Runtime: 41:24 / 10 Tracks
Matrix: PB5106A
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) School (With Introduction) 5:26
02) Love Buzz 3:29
03) Floyd The Barber 2:32
04) Mr. Moustache 4:00
05) Paper Cuts 4:22
06) Mexican Seafood 2:28
07) Spank Thru 3:19
08) Sifting 5:34
09) Hairspray Queen 5:38
10) Blew 4:29
Seattle 1988

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  99%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
This disc contains the introduction by Jesse Burnstein where he introduces "the mystery guest; NIR-VANA!" (the intro is missing on "Christmas in Seattle" and "New Years Eve"). The treble isn't as high as "Christmas In Seattle" and is probably a slightly better recording. "Live in Seattle" is an audience recording that starts out a little overdriven, but is consistent and clear after the first track. The early date and quality of this recording make it a real treat for collectors and is a "must have" for people who like Bleach Era shows (technically this is "pre-Bleach"... heh heh).

During the show, you can hear parts of songs where a reverb (echo) type of effect is heard... if you listen closely you can hear a woman say "I think they should ditch the effects!" after Mexican Seafood. The set list is much different than what they later used and many of the songs were not performed very often. Mr. Moustache has alternate lyrics. "Hairspray Queen" is probably the the highlight of the show... the performance is great!

This is a unique disc because of the date. This is a favorite among bootleg collectors and is highly recommended.

Reader Reviews:
Rating: 98% - Submitted by "dive" on 2000.11.12 06:42:17 AM
This is the rawest live Nirvana performance you'll find. The band sound fresh and really into it, whereas if you hear recordings on bootlegs from concerts such as 2/25/94 (Suicide Solution?) Kurt sounds a little tired. This is a must have for all Nirvana fans from the beginner to the PRO. Get this version, dont get the fakes!

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