Label: Small Clone
Catalog Number:  (SC-NR-011)
Recorded performance:  10-12-91 - Cabaret Metro - Chicago, IL United States

Runtime: 56:25 / 17 Tracks
Matrix: SC-NR-011 601986X
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Disc 1
01) Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam 3:46
02) Aneurysm 4:53
03) School 2:47
04) Floyd The Barber 2:30
05) Drain You 3:57
06) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:39
07) About A Girl 2:48
08) Breed 3:25
09) Polly 2:58
10) Sliver 2:11
11) Pennyroyal Tea 4:21
12) Love Buzz 3:35
13) Been A Son 2:22
14) On A Plain 2:58
15) Negative Creep 2:59
16) Blew 3:26
17) Fucks Up Noise 2:50
Jesus Loves Me

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  96%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
WOW! I consider this show as one of the best 3 Nirvana shows ever! The only reason (as written in "Come As You Are") the last track is called "Demolition", is because Dave destroyed his drum set before they could break down "Endless, Nameless"!! You can feel the band's passion and smell their energy while you listen to this outstanding US Nevermind - tour show!

The soundquality is A+, although the drums are louder than anything else that Saturday night in Chicago. Kurt sounds like he is singing the first line of "Drain You" without playing any chords until the drums kick in -- you just have to listen to this show.

"Jesus Loves Me" got a lower grade than the 2 other discs containing this show ("Dressed For Success" and "Revolutionary Debris"), because it lacks any filler. I think it still deserves 96% because of the show itself and the appearance of the back inlay - not to mention "Jesus Loves Me" being one of the rarest and most sought after `Small Cloneī cds.

I recommend you to pick up one of the 2 other releases of the show, since they are far easier to find and the soundquality is the same.

Below you will find a descprition about every track on this disc:

1 - Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
Before Nirvana begin this song, Dave says (a shy sounding) "Hi" to the audience :) ... the show starts!

2 - Aneurysm
Without turning off the distortion after "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam", Nirvana kick into "Aneurysm". This is one of the most powerful versions Iīve ever heard!

3 - School
Great. Just listen to Kurtīs "You're in high school agaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiin" scream ... have no words for that.

4 - Floyd The Barber
As intensive as usual back in 1991, this old "Bleach" song rocks.

5 - Drain You
Sounds weird! For the first chords, Kurtīs guitar canīt be heard at all.

6 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
After a short conversation between the band, they play this song. Daveīs drums sound like a shotgun, Kurt plays a part of the solo without any distortion and finishes the song with his voice giving out!

7 - About A Girl
Nothing really special about this version, it was performed as good or even better than other dates.

8 - Breed
Punk Rock!! One of the best versions of "Breed"; (probably) due to stagedivers knocking down Kurtīs microphone, he isnīt able to finish the first lines of the song! After listening to this, you can tell they were having a good time.

9 - Polly
To calm down ... sounds beautiful.

10 - Sliver
"... I woke up in my mother's aaaaaaaaarms"!

11 - Pennyroyal Tea
If you want a "highlight" or something really spectacular, listen to this early version of "Pennyroyal Tea". Kurt is even laughing ... I (again) donīt find any words for this; take a listen to this UNBELIEVABLE show!!!!

12 - Love Buzz
Smells like stagedivers again ... Kurt doesnīt finish the last lyrics to this song, but just sounds great on guitar; fun!

13 - Been A Son
As good as always, "Been A Son" is next.

14 - On A Plain
Kurt "throws" out the lyrics, very good version of that song.

15 - Negative Creep
Scary, fast, just great ... also (guess it?), the microphone seems to fall down again ... now this show turns into pure punk rock! ;)

16 - Blew
Hardly notable, due to Kurtīs guitar almost starving, Kristīs intro to this song. As energetic as every song that night.

17 - Fucks Up Noise
Read (you probably already have) "Come As You Are" for this ... Dave destroyed his drums, which is a pity, because "Endless, Nameless" would certainly have grown to new hights that night! Still, the last track is worth a listen: you should hear Daveīs wild drumming in the middle of that track!! What a fantastic end (actually, the REAL end may be Kurt meeting Courtney after the show - you all know :) - as written in "Come As You Are") for this truly outstanding concert on the 12th October 1991!

This disc is completely free of errors despite internet rumours to the contrary, Dave briefly Jams on PIL's "Four Enclosed Walls" Just before Endless Nameless.

Review and Scans submitted by EndlessNameless!

"Pennyroyal Tea" Labeled As "Penny Royal Tea"
"On A Plain" Labeled As "On A Plane"

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