Label: Octopus
Catalog Number:  (OCTO 001)
Recorded performance:  02-22-94 - Palaghiaccio - Rome Italy

Runtime: 79:02 / 24 Tracks
Matrix: OCTO 001 PHC 1413-A
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 4:08
02) Drain You 3:37
03) Breed 3:10
04) Serve The Servants 3:15
05) Come As You Are 3:35
06) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:38
07) Sliver 1:54
08) Dumb 3:01
09) In Bloom 4:10
10) About A Girl 2:44
11) Lithium 4:00
12) Pennyroyal Tea 3:27
13) School 2:35
14) Polly 3:22
15) Very Ape 2:19
16) Lounge Act 2:37
17) Rape Me 2:47
18) Territorial Pissings 2:22
19) All Apologies 3:20
20) On A Plain 3:18
21) Scentless Apprentice 3:27
22) Heart-Shaped Box 4:38
23) Demolition 3:17
24) The Man Who Sold The World 3:21

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating: A+  100%

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:

The easiest way to spot the clone from the original release is the lack of a full booklet AND if you look on the disc itself the octopus on the REAL one is in a different color (blue) where the one on the fake is the same color as the rest of the disc.

Yet another release of the 02/22/94 show. To the best of my knowledge this was the second release of the show. All clones are made from either this disc or ROMA with the exception of the ones with a mixed up setlist. "The Man Who Sold The World" is taken from the 11/17/93 New York Unplugged show. This is a show that is very common, sounds good enough to be an official release, and should be bought on one title or another by every Nirvana fan.

The sound quality of this disc has been determined to be slightly better than that of Roma. For this reason, "XXII II MCMXCIV" receives a grade of 100% while Roma gets 99% (one point subtraction). This is the best disc to get the highest quality complete version of 2-22-94.

Special thanks to Matt Reeder for updating our info.

In 1995 , the year the bootleg companies were shut down (in Italy) Like "KTS", "Octopus" had to repress a few titles (the best ones I think) of their catalog in 1995 still under their name "Octopus". Then they would change the name to "Oxygen" (repressing many old pressings of "Octopus", "Why Not", "Red Phantom" companies). Those second pressings with the matrix: OCTO 001 are far rarer than the original pressings. "Octopus" used the original artwork films, but changed a few things (see also "Out Of The Blue")

- the text position on the spines is a big different
- the back inlay is massively changed : the "old" logo of the "Octopus" (real looking octopus) is changed for a "funny one" with an hat, the various credits are edited, the position of the text is a bit changed, some info about the sound quality is added on the right
- of course no "SIAE" stamp can be found
- the printing of the picture disc is darker and not very precise, the two color are red and black, the "Octopus" / "Why Not" logo are edited, like the credits ("Made In Italy, SIAE"), the year and C + P is in a different computer font
- the order of the pages of the booklet (like for "Out Of The Blue") is changed :
Pages 2-3 are pages 6-7 on the first pressing
Pages 6-7 are pages 2-3 on the first pressing

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