LIVE NIRVANA BOOTOGRAPHY: Ce Petit Groupe Underground

Label: Vintage Nirvana Recordings
Catalog Number:  (VNRCD 02)
Recorded performance:  11-11-91 - Markthalle - Hamburg Germany

Runtime: 78:05 / 24 Tracks
Matrix: Unknown
Additional Artwork

Disc 1
01) Aneurysm 4:34
02) Drain You 3:35
03) School 2:28
04) Floyd The Barber 2:27
05) Smells Like Teen Spirit 4:33
06) About A Girl 2:41
07) Polly 2:31
08) Breed 3:06
09) Sliver 1:59
10) Lithium 4:07
11) Love Buzz 3:29
12) Come As You Are 3:24
13) Been A Son 2:00
14) Negative Creep 2:23
15) On A Plain 2:49
16) Blew 3:12
17) Pennyroyal Tea
Spank Thru 7:17
18) Molly's Lips 1:57
19) Territorial Pissings 2:28
20) Breed 3:30
21) Drain You 2:58
22) Lithium 2:57
23) Lounge Act 2:38
24) Pen Cap Chew 2:28
24) I Don't Want It All 2:21
Ce Petit Groupe Underground

Live Nirvana Bootography Rating:B 85

Live Nirvana Bootography Review:
Well At Last it looks like Vintage Nirvana Recordings have finally released a disc without any clicks or pops! but still this disc could have been better, it seems they cloned "Live In Belgium" Rather then the superior "Bleach Pop".
The First thing you'll notice about this title is that the back of the CD looks a bit weird, as if milk was spilt over it, or so... Furthermore, on my scan the bottom side of the CD looks a bit green-ish. In reality it is silver though.

Most of the tracks mentioned on the back of the inlay are totally wrong.
The whole show is labled as 11/23/91 (Ghent, Belgium) although the live
tracks are taken from the 11/11/91 (Hamburg, Germany) show - just as Bleach Pop, etc.
I don't know if "Ce Petit Groupe Underground" has better or worse quality than Bleach Pop,
but here is a correct tracklist of the songs you'll find on the CD.
11/11/91 - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
01. Aneurysm - 4:34
fades in, crowd noise fades out
02. Drain You - 3:35
fades in, crowd noise fades out
03. School - 2:28
fades in, crowd noise fades out
04. Floyd The Barber - 2:27
fades in with feedback and some bass play by Krist, crowd noise fades out
05. Smells Like Teen Spirit - 4:33
fades in, crowd noise fades out briefly after Kurt's last scream
06. About A Girl - 2:41
missing the first 2 chords before fading in, crowd noise fades out very quickly
07. Polly - 2:31
missing the first 6 chords before fading in, crowd noise fades out very quickly again
08. Breed - 3:06
fades in with intro feedback and Krist playing bass notes, crowd fades out very quickly
09. Sliver - 1:59
first 2 notes of the bass are missing, then fades in. Crowd noise fades out quickly
10. Lithium - 4:07
frst 4 chords are missing, fades in on the C-chord. Crowd noise fades out very quickly
11. Love Buzz - 3:29
fades in at the last part of the bass intro, crowd noise fades out
12. Come As You Are - 3:24
fades in briefly after the second part of the guitar intro, crowd fades out
13. Been A Son - 2:00
cuts in on the first hi-hat sound just at the right moment the song starts, crowd noise fades out
14. Negative Creep - 2:23
fades in after very first part of the intro, crowd fades out - pretty quiet
15. On A Plain - 2:49
starts normally, crowd noise nearly cuts out
16. Blew - 3:12
fades in after the first 3 bass notes, feedback noise and crowd fade out slowly
17. Pennyroyal Tea + Spank Thru - 7:17
fading in after half of the instrumental intro, crowd noise fades out and Spank Thru directly fades in.
Both songs are in one track. At the end of Spank Thru, the crowd noise immediately fades out as soon as it started)
18. Molly's Lips - 1:57
Including part of a guitar check, starts normally. Crowd noise fades out quick.
19. Territorial Pissings - 2:28
Cuts in after "Come on people now", right before Krist sings "Smile on your brother" of the intro.(crowd fades out)

20. Breed (Demo) - 3:30
must be from the Smart Studios (April 2-6,1990)
21. Drain You (Demo with intro) - 2:58
from Melvins practise space (The Retards, April 1991)
22. Lithium (Mix 6) - 2:57
from Smart Studios (April 2-6,1990)
23. Lounge Act (live) - 2:38
from 02-22-94. Does not include the sound of Kurt strumming a chord 4 times briefly before the song begins (only includes the tiny last bit of that sound). However it includes Krist's comment "So all of my comments tonight are out of a book called How To Be Witty At Parties" - Don't know what source it is. I have the SBD #1 source of the 02-22-94 show and just compared both "Lounge Act". The one that's on my SBD #1 source (generation is FM - DAT2 - CDR1) sounds a bit better than "Lounge Act" from this silver bootleg CD. To me, it sounds as if there's a very small bit of hiss on "Lounge Act" from this bootleg silver CD.
24. Pen Cap Chew (Demo) - 2:28
must be from the Reciprocal Studios (01/23/88)
25. Seed (Don't Want It All - Demo) - 2:21
Cobain residence 1987-1988; home recording
Thanks To Patrick Horn for his detailed investigations into this title

"Aneurysm" Labeled As "Drain You"
"Drain You" Labeled As "Aneurysm"
"About A Girl" Labeled As "Curmudgeon"
"Polly" Labeled As "Oh The Guilt"
"Breed" Labeled As "About A Girl"
"About A Girl" Labeled As "Lithium"
"Love Buzz" Labeled As "Polly"
"Come As You Are" Labeled As "Talk To Me"
"Been A son" Labeled As "The End"
"Negative Creep" Labeled As "Been A Son"
"On A Plain" Labeled As "Negative Creep"
"Pennyroyal Tea" Labeled As "On A Plain"
"Spank Thru" Labeled As "Blew"
"Molly's Lips" Labeled As "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"
"Territorial Pissings" Labeled As "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam"

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11-11-91 - Markthalle - Hamburg Germany
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