Live NIRVANA Photo History

NIRVANA were very photogenic. Many images of the band have attained iconic status. This archive is a testimony to their ability to harness the power of the lens.

We are fortunate that the band were photographed constantly throughout their career, from their humble beginnings, through their meteoric rise to fame and right up to their very demise.

This section attempts to catalogue all their official photo sessions. It also includes candid photos of the band away from the stage.


CONTRIBUTORS: Adam Andrews, Alex Roberts, Andrea van Emmerik, Benoit Martigny, Claudio Minotti, Jonathas Formagio, Joshua MacKenzie, Loic Beck, Mattia Cuda, Mert Iskender, Nick Serra, Nicole Batchelor, Ruslan Katronow, Wolfgang Holman.

LAST UPDATED: May 24, 2024

ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORS: Anatoly Nefedov, Andrey Kosyanchuk, Bill Termunde, Brandi Duncan, Brett Robinson, Carlos Campos, Christopher Shoup, David Willhauk, Dawson Boys-Kerekes, Eduardo Altamira, Frank Speuf, Guilherme Arcine, Gytis Petrauskas, Jacek Koz, Jorge Bataller, Josias Kellermann, Karl Braun, Kurt Stream, Kurtis Bishop, Lisa Widh, Maks Silver, Mauricio Reyes, Mike Jenkins, Mike Ziegler, Osty Gale, Peter Ravnsborg, Ray Williams, Riccardo Cogliati, Rodrigo Fereira, Roman Skupin, Ron Harris, Sergey Utkin, Victor Podorozhniy, Victoria Regina, Vince Dome, Virginie Leroux.

We extend our sincere thanks to the photographers who captured the band. We acknowledge the considerable time, labor and expense incurred and are very grateful. The band’s legacy continues in great part thanks to your efforts.

If you object to your work being featured here, please drop us an email to request removal, add accreditation, link to your website, reduce picture quality, or add your watermark.