Live NIRVANA Equipment Guide

This section examines the instruments and equipment that gave NIRVANA their unique sound.

While Kurt Cobain's choice of instruments and effects pedals has been extensively documented in both magazines and on websites, there has been very little written about the important contributions of the other band members. In a set of exclusive interviews, Alex Roberts asked band associates a series of probing questions to clarify how Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl supplemented Cobain's vocals and guitar to drive NIRVANA into the top tier of bands in the world. Drum technicians Barrett Jones and Mike Dalke fill us in on Grohl's preferred set-up, and guitar technician Earnest Bailey details Novoselic's developing taste in bass guitars.

The section also includes an examination of the computer controlled system used on the 1993/94 In Utero tour by NIRVANA's sound crew chief, Dave Stevens.

We are grateful to all involved for creating this insightful section.

RESEARCHED, WRITTEN AND MAINTAINED BY: Alex Roberts and Caio Leme (Kurt's Amps & FX)

CONTRIBUTORS: Earnie Bailey, Chad Channing, Mike Dalke, Jason Everman, Jonathas Formagio, Miki Johansen, Barrett Jones, Caio Leme, Andy Marshall, Charles Peterson, Kris Sproul and Dave Stevens.

LAST UPDATED: December 28, 2023