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Bambi Slaughter

Side Project

Song Author
Kurt Cobain

Writing Period

Recording Session(s)
December 1985 Seattle WA, Kurt's Aunt Mari's House, Fecal Matter - The Aunt Mari tape

1987/1988 - 4 track demos

This song is from Kurt Cobain's 1985 Fecal Matter demo. According to someone that has heard the tape, "It has a very Melvins style guitar riff."
This song is NOT the same song as found on several bootlegs, such as those listed in the Bootography -- that is a different acoustic, 4-track recording (from a 1988 demo) and its title is not known.


Alternate/Working Titles
None Documented

Common Mislabels
None Documented

Mislabels in the Bootography
Bambi Kill
Bambie Kill

1985 - Fecal Matter demo version (3:33)

(No transcription at this time.)

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