t y p e   EP (counterfeit)
l a b e l   Tupelo
c a t a l o g  #   TUP CD8
f o r m a t   CD / Slimline Case
l e n g t h    
m a d e  i n   United Kingdom?
r e l e a s e d  i n   Europe
r e l e a s e d    

q u a n t i t y
a v a i l a b i l i t y

t r a c k l i s t
  1. Blew
  2. Love Buzz
  3. Been A Son
  4. Stain

n o t e s
  Unfortunately, yet another Tupelo item has been counterfeited.  There are a couple versions to watch for:

  • · Version #1 has sharp artwork and the majority of details will fool most people -- even the matrix code is identical to some official copies.  But the flaws, and they're pretty minor, are found in the insert's credits.  Instead of the Nirvana (Onyx-like) font, something similar to Arial is used.  The result is less bleeding, which appears on some copies of the older (presumed original) copies.  The clincher is a misspelling; originals read "recorded by Jack Endino at Reciprocal, Seattle" while the counterfeit has "recorded by Jack Endino ar Reciprocal, Seattle."

    Another report mentioned blurry artwork and gray titles (instead of silver), though as I wrote above some people think the artwork is actually pretty decent.

  • · Version #2 was reported by Stuart and he notes:

    • "The cover art looks authentic but on opening the CD case the inside writing and credits is that blurred it's unreadable."


      "...I've noticed a lot more in shops around the UK and believe it to be the most biggest Blew bootleg out (in terms of quantity in UK)."

    The matrix on this version is "NIBVANA" with a box on either side of the word.

m a t r i x
  This code can be found on some counterfeits.  It is also on some official releases.

  • TUP CD 8 MPO 01 @@

This code is on another counterfeit version.


s o u r c e s
  Torsten Bredehorst, Members of the Digital Nirvana Forums, Ronny, Stuart Neale, Kris Sproul, D.J. Watson


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