Radio Shack music videos
t y p e   Music Videos
d a t e   1988.01.24
d i r e c t o r    
l e n g t h    

a v a i l a b i l i t y
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t r a c k l i s t
  1. If You Must
  2. Paper Cuts

n o t e s
  The day after the band recorded a demo and played in Tacoma (1988.01.23), they went to the local Radio Shack in Aberdeen to make some videos.  The Nirvana Live Guide writes:

  • "Actually early music videos.  The band plays over the demo made the day before.  Footage of the show from the night before in Tacoma can be seen on some of the TVs near the band.  Dale Crover has said that only a few songs were recorded.  Clips were shown on the TV show American Journal.  More songs may have been recorded."

Clips of "If You Must" and "Paper Cuts" are all that have surfaced so far.


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