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n o t e s
  Released in Europe on December 14, 1992.  Americans had to wait until the next day.  A sticker on the packaging describes this album as:

  • "Rare B-Sides, BBC Sessions, Original Demo Recordings, Outtakes, Stuff Never Before Available."

Click here for information about the note Cobain wrote that is included in the booklet of some CDs.

t r a c k l i s t
  1. Dive  (3:53)
  2. Sliver  (2:12)
  3. Stain  (2:38)
  4. Been A Son  (1:53)
  5. Turnaround  (2:17)
  6. Molly's Lips  (1:51)
  7. Son Of A Gun  (2:48)
  8. (New Wave) Polly  (1:46)
  9. Beeswax  (2:47)
  10. Downer  (1:42)
  11. Mexican Seafood  (1:52)
  12. Hairspray Queen  (4:12)
  13. Aero Zeppelin  (4:38)
  14. Big Long Now  (5:01)
  15. Aneurysm  (4:35)
r e l a t e d   r e l e a s e s
  · Sliver (1993 music video)

 Format   Label   Catalog #   Origin   Official
 LP   DGC   DGC-24504   USA   Y
  Limited edition swirled blue vinyl.
 LP   DGC/MCA Victor   MVJG-25003   Japan   Y
  Black vinyl.
 LP   Geffen   02116107023   Colombia   ?
 LP   Geffen   BMGFL5016   South Korea   ?
 LP   Geffen   GEF 24504   Holland   Y
  Black vinyl.
 CS   DGC   DGCC-24504   USA   Y
  Retail and BMG mail-order versions.
 CS   DGC   DGCC/D-24504   USA   Y
 CS   Geffen   n/a   UK   Y
 CS   Geffen/Stallions   GEC 24504   Saudi Arabia   ?
 CS   Geffen   GEC24504   Germany   Y
 CS   Geffen   GEFMC-24504        
 CS   MCA Records Canada   GEFC-24504   Canada   Y
 CS           Japan   Y
 CS           South Korea   ?
 CD   DGC   DGCD-24504   USA   Y
  Retail and BMG mail-order versions.  Some copies include a note written by Cobain.
 CD   DGC   *DGCD-24504   USA   Y
  Columbia House mail-order version.  Some copies include a note written by Cobain.
 CD   DGC   DGCD-24504 DJ   USA   Y
 CD   DGC/MCA Victor   MVCG-100   Japan   Y
 CD   Geffen   CGEFD-24504   Canada   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED 24504   USA   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED24504   Australia   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED24504   Germany   Y
 CD   Geffen   GED24504   Germany   Y
  Promo.  Limited edition (500 copies).
 CD   Geffen   GEFD-24504   Australia   Y
 CD   Universal   56687319       N
  Gold CD.
 CD           South Korea   ?
 BOX       ???       N
  A numbered limited edition box -- likely an aftermarket release.
 BOX   Geffen   GES-00001   Italy   N
  Aftermarket (not Geffen).  Limited edition.


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