Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain

Blue Moon Records (BMCD14)
Compilation / Various
Total CD Time 69:59 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: CDA 00138 REDEYE MUSIC 22
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1) If You Must 3:46
2) Downer 1:36
3) Floyd The Barber 2:05
4) Paper Cuts 3:50
5) Spank Thru 3:17
6) Beeswax 2:32
7) Pen Cap Chew 2:47
8) Blandest 3:39
9) Polly 2:20
10) Seed 2:20
11) Sappy 2:22
12) Do You Love Me 3:27
13) Been A Son 2:21
14) Token Eastern Song 3:26
15) Opinion 1:39
16) D-7 2:31
17) Breed 3:03
18) Stay Away (Pay To Play) 3:21
19) Sappy 3:24
20) Here She Comes Now 4:40
21) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 4:58
22) Return Of The Rat 2:59
23) Talk To Me 3:21
Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A  95%
Average Reader Rating: 88%
Reader Reviews

Nirvana Bootography Review:
Though the title is "Outcesticide in memory of KURT COBAIN" this review often refers to the title as "Outcesticide 1". This review documents the original release of "Outcesticide 1", there is a second review for the "Remastered Edition."

The Outcesticide series is the best known bootleg Nirvana series in existence and carries a name recognition second only to Nirvana's official releases. Many collectors don't realize that Blue Moon Records produced multiple pressings of the Outcesticide series. The first pressing of Outcesticide I was released soon after Kurt Cobain's death in 1994 and quickly became a fan favorite. In 1996, Blue Moon released the Remastered Edition of Outcesticide I.

The first pressing of Outcesticide I had a run out groove code of "CDR 00081 PIGEON 00311." This pressing contained errors that made the disc jump towards the latter tracks. It was quickly reproduced with the code "CDA 00138 REDEYE MUSIC 22."

The "Remastered Edition" of "Outcesticide 1" is a significant sound quality upgrade from the original "Outcesticide I" release as the tracks were taken from a better source. The "Remastered Edition" also contains two extra tracks not found on the original release... Krist' and Courtney's eulogies. Unless you are a collector and desire the original pressings, there is no need to purchase an Outcesticide I other than the "Remastered Edition." The sound quality of the original Outcesticide I is now inferior to recordings that have surfaced since it was originally produced.

The "A" rating of this disc is due entirely to it's collectible appeal. Many compilation bootlegs have since surfaced with better sound quality. Blue Moon Records has been able to to compile tracks from various other bootleg CDs as well as surfacing new material. Blue Moon's reputation has come from it's knowledge of the band and ability to stay in touch with new material circulating in trader circles.

1 - If You Must
2 - Downer
3 - Floyd The Barber
4 - Paper Cuts
5 - Spank Thru
6 - Beeswax
7 - Pen Cap Chew

Reciprocal Studios 1/23/88 - This is a popular demotape that Kurt Cobain assembled and distributed to record labels. All sources for this demotape are off-speed. This problem was probably caused by Kurt's tape deck.

There is a different demotape that was assembled later, which also contains some of these sessions. That tape is the correct speed but it is not as common as this one (see "Into The Black: Disc Two"). These tracks are all different mixes than the ones that were released officially. The songs that were released on "Bleach" had additional backing vocals added and were remixed during the "Bleach" sessions. "Incesticide" used Endino's final mixes from the evening of 1/23/88.

The tracks on "Outcesticide 1" are the rough band mixes, made on the afternoon of 1/23/88 shortly before they left the studio. While Endino mixed the songs that night, Nirvana played a show in Tacoma with the same setlist as the order the tracks were recorded during this session. This show can be found on the mis-titled "Tacoma 87" CD, and through trading in slightly better quality as well as on video.

Nirvana intended to record more songs but unfortunately they ran out of tape and couldn't afford more. The tape ran out during "Pen Cap Chew", which is why it fades out at the end. They also would have recorded "Anorexorcist" and "Raunchola". Both songs sound like they would have been amazing in the studio from the sound of that night's live performance. This live performance of "Raunchola" can be found on "Outcesticide III" in addition to "Tacoma 87".

8 - Blandest
Reciprocal Studios 6/11/88 - This song was originally intended to be the B-side of the Love Buzz single, but it was abandoned. Kurt was reportedly embarrassed by some of the vocals. Kurt later had a change of heart and intended to release this song on "Incesticide," only to discover that he had ordered Jack Endino to destroy the master tape.

The sound fluctuates somewhat and is too quiet. The remastered edition contains an A+ recording.

9 - Cracker (Polly)
10 - Seed (Misery Loves Company)
11 - Sad (Sappy)

4-track Recordings 1988 - These three tracks also come from a Cobain demotape. They were sub-titled as "Mellow 4-track shit" on these demotapes by Cobain. They were recorded at home on his 4-track and he plays all the instruments.

More of these demos appear on Outcesticide IV. There is a better-sounding copy circulating among traders, with some additional experimenting right before "Seed".

These tracks have been cleaned up, but there may be some extra crackle compared to other discs with these tracks. The tracks are still good, but are limited by the original source.

12 - Do You Love Me
Evergreen Studios 6/89 - Released officially on the Kiss "Hard To Believe" tribute. This is the only studio appearance of Jason Everman on guitar! This track has perfect sound and includeds the "pissed off" ending.

13 - Been A Son
Music Source Studios 9/89 - Released officially on the "Blew" EP. This version has the bass solo brought forward in the mix. The noise level appears to be improved on the remastered edition.

14 - Token Eastern Song (labeled as Junkyard)
Live at Leeds, England 10/25/89 - This is the best available audience recording of this song. There is only one live soundboard version, which is from Omaha, that will hopefully appear on a future Outcesticide. This song was recorded in the studio twice but was not completed either time. As with track 13, the noise level appears to have been raised on this track on the remastered edition.

15 - Opinion
KAOS Radio 9/15/90 - Kurt makes a visit to a local radio session. This version lacks the opening conversation and the ending "taxman" comment. In the conversation, he explains that he wrote the song on the way there... it's a shame it's missing. After the song performance, Kurt asks the DJ "Don't you think that song sounds like 'Taxman'?" (the comment can be heard on the remastered edition). This track's sound quality was drastically upgraded on the remastered edition, this version is muddy in comparison.

16 - D-7
BBC Session 10/21/90 - This is an incomplete "test mix" that somehow leaked out to collectors and is somewhat useless. It starts with the song in progress… the engineer removes the guitars and changes the equalization… then it ends abruptly. The final mix, which should have been included here instead, was released officially on the European "Lithium" single and on the "Hoarmoaning" EP.

17 - Imodium
18 - Pay to Play
19 - Sappy

Smart Studios 4/90 - These tracks were recorded for Nirvana's second album but were scrapped when they signed with DGC. They ended up serving as high-quality demos. "Pay To Play" was released officially on "DGC/Geffen Rarities". These tracks have different times on the remastered edition, but the sound quality difference isn't very great.

20 - Here She Comes Now
21 - Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Tracks 20 and 21 come from the VPRO Radio Sessions 11/25/91. Excellent sound quality. The original tracks are arguably better than the remastered version because "Here She Comes Now" doesn't fade at the end (the remastered version does). "Where Did You Sleep Last Night," on the other hand, ends abruptly here while the remastered edition is a second longer and fades. Supposedly, another song was performed at this session but remains unsurfaced.

22 - Return of the Rat
From the Laundry Room Sessions 4/92. Wipers cover with sound quality nearly identical to the official release "8 Songs For Greg Sage And The Wipers" (vinyl) and "14 Songs For Greg Sage And The Wipers" (Compact Disc).

23 - Talk To Me
Likely taken from the Europe 1991 disc which contains the best known recording of this song. This song was given to Iggy Pop after Kurt died. It is not known if he will ever record it, or if Nirvana ever recorded it in the studio. The noise level appears to have been increased and the drums are not quite as over-driven on the remastered edition.

** Thanks to JWB for making major contributions to this review.

Known Matrices:
CDR 00081 PIGEON 00311

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