Ultra Rare Trax Vol 1

Ultra Records (NIR1 0020303)
Compilation / Various
Total CD Time 72:44 / 24 Tracks
Matrix: NIR1 0020303
Additional Artwork
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1) Here She Comes Now 4:40
2) Where Did You Sleep Last Night 4:54
3) Pennyroyal Tea 3:32
4) I Hate Myself And Want To Die 2:45
5) Sappy 3:25
6) Spank Thru 3:19
7) Blandest 3:53
8) If You Must 3:45
9) Pen Cap Chew 2:47
10) Do You Love Me 3:25
11) Been A Son 2:20
12) In Bloom 4:30
13) D-7 2:29
14) Return Of The Rat 3:00
15) Help Me 2:34
16) Token Eastern Song 3:26
17) Talk To Me 3:18
18) The Money Will Roll Right In 2:14
19) Verse Chorus Verse 3:07
20) Clean Up Before She Comes 3:02
21) Opinion 1:37
22) Seed 2:21
23) Sappy (Sad) 2:21
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 1

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A-  90%
Average Reader Rating: 89%
Reader Reviews

Nirvana Bootography Review:
1 - Here She Comes
2 - Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

VARA-FM Studios in Hilversum, Holland, 11/24/91

3 - Where Did You Sleep Last Night
4 - Pennyroyal Tea
5 - I Hate Myself And Want To Die

Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN, 3/93

6 - Spank Thru
7 - Blandest

Reciprocal Studios in Seattle, WA, 6/88

8 - If You Must
9 - Pen Cap Chew

Reciprocal Studios in Seattle, WA, 1/23/88

10 - Do You Love Me
Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, 6/89

11 - Been A Son
Music Source Studios in Seattle, WA, 9/89
12 - In Bloom
Smart Studios in Madison, WI, 4/90

13 - D-7
Maide Vaile Studios in London, England, 10/21/90

14 - Return Of The Rat
Laundry Room Studios in Seattle, WA, 4/92

15 - Help Me I'm Hungry
U 4 in Vienna, Austria, 11/22/89

16 - Token Eastern Song
Duchess of York Public House in Leeds, England, 10/25/89

17 - Talk To Me
Teatro Verdi in Muggia, Italy, 11/16/91

18 - The Money Will Roll Right In
Reading Festival in Reading, England, 8/30/92

19 - Verse Chorus Verse
Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, CA, 8/17/90

20 - Clean Up Before She Comes
22 - Seed
23 - Sappy

4-Track Demos 1987/1988

21 - Opinion
KAOS Olympia Community Radio (Boy Meets Girl Show) in Olympia, WA, 9/25/90

All of these tracks were taken from the Outcesticides and are all about as good as you'll find with the following exceptions:

"Pen Cap Chew" (the version from the "Dale Crover Demo Tape" with the correct speed would sound better)

"Do You Love Me" (this version is fine, but the official version from the Hard To Believe album would sound better)

"Been A Son" (the official Blew EP version would sound better)

"D-7" (this is the 'experimental mix version', the official version from the Hormoaning EP/Lithium Single would be more complete and sound better)

"Return Of The Rat" (the official version from the Wipers tribute album would sond better)

"Opinion" (the version from the Into The Black Box Set, Disc 1 would be more complete and sound better)

All in all, great songs, most are rare, and very good quality. The tracks that came from Outcesticide I were taken from the remastered edition. "Spank Thru" is the Sub Pop 200 version, "Pennyroyal Tea" is the remixed version, "Sappy" is the version from No Alternative.

Special thanks to David for the in-depth review and scans!

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"Here She Comes Now" Labeled As "Here She Comes"
"Where Did You Sleep Last Night" Labeled As "In The Pines"
"I Hate Myself And Want To Die" Labeled As "I Hate Myself"
"D-7" Labeled As "Dee Seven"
"Return Of The Rat" Labeled As "Return Of Rat"
"Token Eastern Song" Labeled As "Junkyard"
"Money Will Roll Right In, The" Labeled As "Money Will Roll"
"Verse Chorus Verse" Labeled As "In His Hands"
"Clean Up Before She Comes" Labeled As "Clean Up"

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