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Rasmus Holmen

Rasmus Holmen. Not pictured- his Pennyroyal Tea single.

Rasmus, owner of the Internet NIRVANA Fan Club, is a 23 year old student from Denmark. Through his ownership of the NFC, Rasmus had made numrous contributions to the NIRVANA Bootleg Trading community. By utilizing his complete collection of every NIRVANA concert in circulation, he was able to surfaced the Montage of Heck and NIRVANA's cover of Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. Providing people who went to see NIRVANA in concert with a recording of the show they attended is one thing Rasmus has been glad to do over the course of his years in the trading community.

He is also creator and maintainer of The Guide To Mislabeled And Misguided NIRVANA Recordings and The Complete List Of NIRVANA Songs. The news section of his site is always updated with the latest NIRVANA news. Rasmus's creation of the Box Set Poll was also a landmark event in the history of the NIRVANA Bootleg Trading community.

Rasmus has written the definitive Frequently Asked Questions, and has also interviewed former band members and associates for his site.

Although Rasmus is excessively modest, his creation (The NIRVANA Internet Fan Club) is anything but. This detailed and intricate webpage is by far the most popular NIRVANA fan site on the planet, having amassed over 7 million hits its creation in 1997. salutes you, Rasmus Holmen!