02/01/92 - The Palace (all ages show), Melbourne, Australia

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Sound: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar1.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 9.5
Setlist: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar1.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 8
Enthusiasm: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar4.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 6
Banter: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar4.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 3
History: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar4.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 5


bar1-l.gif (1K)bar1.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 61%

The only soundboard recording of this tour to surface to date is Nirvana's second night of a 3 night stint at the Palace in Melbourne, a date whose main distinction was that it was the only all ages show of the tour. In fact this show is also the most recent to surface (in full form at least). Several songs broadcast on the radio that had surfaced many years ago and whetted traders' appetites for the full show. This recording is unsurprisingly far and away the best sounding recording of the tour.

Sadly though early on it is evident that the band is still struggling with their performances Kurt's voice is still weak, causing him to hold back on many of the songs, both Lithium and Drain You show clear evidence of this while on Negative Creep his voice sounds truly awful. His guitar playing is once again also poor, Kurt even manages to screw up the riff to School.

The high points of this gig have mostly appeared on the broadcast JJJ made which unusually instead of focusing on the hits played the best performed songs of the set. About A Girl, Lounge Act and Breed are all executed well, as is Lithium (even though Kurt does forget to turn on his distortion pedal for one of the choruses!). Love Buzz features some rare competency by Kurt on guitar as he makes some innovative flourishes that add a lot to the song.

The main centrepiece of the performance is a feedback jam during which Krist recites a couple of lines of improvised poetry.

The Verdict

A patchy performance from the band, while featuring some strong performances and an improvisational piece by the band, the majority of the show is mired in mediocrity and poor playing.

Review written by Matt Seward 2002