01/30/92 - Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia

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Sound: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar1.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 7.5
Setlist: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar1.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 7
Enthusiasm: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar4.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 6
Banter: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar4.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 7
History: bar1-l.gif (1K)bar4.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 5


bar1-l.gif (1K)bar1.gif (1K)bar1-l.gif (1K) 65%

The crowd for Nirvana's only show in Adelaide is clearly enthusiastic and keen to show their appreciation early on as they clap enthusiastically during the break between Aneurysm and Drain You, even moving Kurt to thank them for their enthusiasm.

The performance itself is an improvement on the previous dates, Kurt's voice seems in reasonably good shape, though his guitar playing is once again below par.

There are some great moments though Krist's absurd comments before About A Girl being my personal favourite. "My name is Kimberly and I have a vision of world peace and the eradication of all lethal diseases. My hobbies are cake decorating and horseback riding".

After this the band improve from their relatively timid start and appear to be picking up some momentum both About A Girl and Breed are noticeable improvements on what went before. The band also jokingly jams on the Twilight Zone theme before Come As You Are. The improvement though is not without reservation. Lithium in particular highlights the problems Kurt has been having with his voice on the tour. During the song it is clear that Kurt is holding back on his screaming evidently because his voice cannot cope with the songs ferocious chorus.

Something In The Way as with 01/25/92 proves to be the highlight of the show. The song performed here electrically manages somehow to recreate the eerie atmosphere and sense of loss that marked its appearance on Nevermind but adds to it by adding feedback and distortion to create a glorious anti-climax and it seems sad that this song was so seldomly performed live. The reason though, for the band ignoring this song largely in a live setting is apparent during this recording as one woman talks loudly during the quiet section, thus ruining the atmosphere the band strove to create. It is a complaint that many bands have cited when performing such material.

The Verdict

Once again Nirvana have proved to be a disappointment. While there are some amusing moments and some good performances, most notably Polly and Something In The Way, the band has clearly a long way to go to reach its full potential.

Review written by Matt Seward 2002